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IntroductionKimanis Power Sdn Bhd (KPSB) is the largest power supply that exist in Sabah. Kimanis Power Plant generates 300 megawatts (MW) gas fired power plant in Kimanis, District of Papar, Sabah. The RM1.63 billion Kimanis Power Plant Investment is expected to supplement Sabah’s growing demand for electricity, particularly its west coast. Kimanis Power Plant (KPP) and Kimanis O;M Sdn Bhd (KOMSB) is a joint venture company between Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB) and NRG Consortium (Sabah) Sdn.

Bhd with equity shareholders of 60% and 40% respectively.Under KPSB there is one company which is called Kimanis O;M Sdn Bhd (KOMSB) that established to provide operation and maintenance services for KPSB. In other words, KPSB is the owner of Kimanis Power Plant and assisted by KOMSB in term of production.

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Kimanis O;M Sdn. Bhd (KOMSB) was incorporated on 15th October 2010 and has started its operation on 2014.KOMSB assist KPSB has been guided by Operation and Maintenance Agreement (OMA). OMA are one of the agreement contract that exist in Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement. A Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a legally- binding contract between government and business for the provision of assets and the delivery of services that allocates responsibilities and business risks among the various partners. Among the main key features of OMA is contractor to manage a range of activities, operator is usually paid a fixed fee to cover its staff and expenses. There may also be a performance based fee and liquidated damages for failure to achieve performance perimeters. (Sources: Public- Private Partnership Manual, 2004.

)Kimanis Power Plant (KPP) has achieved the breakthrough with the commencement of the commercial operations for all three generating blocks on May 2014, July 2014 and November 2014 respectively.In term of employees, KOMSB has recruited 98% of local Sabahan for various job positions at the Kimanis Power Plant. Up until August 2017 KOMSB has 90 workers included all department which is 88 is a permanent staff and 2 is contractor staff. The company vision is to be a dynamic, people oriented and preferred power generation O;M service provide.

While KOMSB mission are a business entity that provides dependable power generation O;M services and responsible to operate and maintain the plant in the most safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner. (Sources: Diana Solibun, KPP Human Resources Executive (Appendix viii))Company main activities, types of product and ServicesA power plant or a power generating station, is basically an industrial location that is utilized for the generation and distribution of electric power in mass scale, usually in the order of several 1000 watts. These are generally located at the sub-urban regions or several kilometers away from the cities or the load centers, because of its requisite like huge land and water demand, along with several operating constraint like the waste disposal etc. For this reason, a power generating station has not only take care of efficient generation but also the fact that the power is transmitted efficiently over the entire distance and that is why, the transformer switch yard to regulate transmission voltage also becomes an integral part of the power plant. A power plant can be of several types depending mainly on the type of fuel used. Since the purpose of bulk power generation, only thermal nuclear and hydro power comes handy, therefore a power generating station can be broadly classified in the 3 above mentioned types.

(Sources: Northen Electricity Distribution Service in Northen Namibia: A Case Study in the private provision of rural infrastructure.)Kimanis Power Plant is a gas fired power station the most conventional method of generating electric power with reasonably high efficiency. It uses gas as the primary fuel to boil the water available to superheated steam driving the steam turbine. The steam turbine is the mechanically coupled to an alternator rotor, the rotation of which result in the generation of electric power. By products of thermal power plant operation must be considered in their design and operation.

Waste heat energy, which remains due to the finite efficiency of the Carnot, Rankine, or Diesel power cycle, is released directly to the atmosphere using a cooling tower with river or lake water used as a cooling medium. The flue gas from combustion of the fossil fuels is discharged to the air. This gas contains carbon dioxide and water vapor, as well as other substances such us nitrogen oxides (NO), Sulfur oxides (SO), mercury, traces of other metal, and, for coal fired plants, fly ash. Solid waste ash from coal-fired boilers must also be removed.

Some coal ash can be recycled for building materials.The main activities that KPSB do is they supply electricity to Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB). KPSB has an agreement with SESB under Power Purchase Agreement that valid for 21 years. Every month SESB will purchase electricity from KPSB. As we know, to maintain the life of the human community, and in order to facilitate the life, many important inventions were discovered. There is no doubt that the most important of these inventions is electricity, which we depend on in the current modern time. We better understand the importance of electricity in our life during a few minutes of power outages we encounter. The people’s social life almost stops in power outages.

They do not know what to do. They cannot carry out activities they made a habit of. For instance, computer and television, that we are addicted to are the best examples of these.

This is an indicator of how much electricity is important in our lives. Important uses of performance appraisalPerformance appraisals and assessments are just one piece of the talent management puzzle. In order to build an empowered and skilled workforce, companies need do more than audit employee achievements. Organization should work towards a management cycle where judgement is not the sole focus, ongoing support and improvement should be just as important, if not more. Performance appraisal (PA) is a formal system of review and evaluation of individual or team task performance. A critical point in the definition is the word formal, because in actuality, managers should be reviewing an individual’s performance on a continuing basis. PA is especially critical to the success of performance management.

Although performance appraisal is but one component of performance management, it is vital, in that it directly reflects the employer’s strategic plan. Performance appraisal serves many purposes, and progressed results and performance are more and more important in today’s globally aggressive marketplace. On top of these concerns, managers need to be concerned about criminal ramifications. Developing a powerful overall performance appraisal system has been and could keep to be an excessive priority for control. For many corporations, the primary intention of an appraisal device is to enhance character and organizational overall performance.

In truth, PA records are probably treasured for clearly every human resource purposeful location. It is important toward organization. The first importance of performance appraisal is in term of human resource planning. In assessing a firm’s human resources, data must be available to identify those who have the potential to be promoted or for any area of internal employee relations. Through performance appraisal it may be discovered that there is an insufficient number of workers who are prepared to enter management. Plans can then be made for greater emphasis on management development. Succession planning is a key concern for all firms. A well-designed appraisal system provides a profile of the organization’s human resource strengths and weaknesses to support this effort.

Next is, it is important for employee recognition and awards. Appraisals provide the opportunity to recognize and reward employees and to ensure they feel valued for the work that they do. By monitoring performance and progress against objectives employers can assess whether to reward staff with salary increases, promotions or bonuses. It’s also a chance to say thank you and to provide verbal feedback and praise. Rewarding any successes highlighted doesn’t have to be financial.

Although money still holds considerable importance, and salaries should be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain competitive and in line with performance, simple and sincere acknowledgements still go a long way towards maintaining employee engagement.Other than that, performance appraisal also important for culture of trust and openness. In today’s fast paced commercial enterprise international, it is greater vital than ever to preserve a meaningful, way talk with personnel to help maintain talented human beings within its business enterprise. One of the important thing enablers for attaining worker engagement is to ensure that employees have a voice and appraisal and performance assessment conferences can assist to gasoline dialogue and empower personnel to percentage their critiques.

They will sense recommended to steer innovation by feeding thoughts upwards and the connection which develops from open conversation inside appraisal systems will assist personnel to sense more able to technique and speak any thoughts or issues outdoor of these conferences as well.Moreover, performance appraisal also important to continued progression and development. Organizations which provide clear progression opportunities are attractive to new recruits and are more likely to be able to retain talented employees by mapping out a career path for them. Regularly looking at performance will help to identify when employees are ready to take on more responsibility. Setting aside the time to discuss an employee’s individual ambitions will also help organizations to spot and develop potential talent and build a strong succession pipeline.Performance appraisal modelThere are several performance model that can be used by the organization in the company.

The first one is essay method. In this method the rater writes down the employee description in detail within a number of broad categories like, overall impression of performance, promote ability of employee, existing capabilities and qualification of performing jobs, strengths and weaknesses and training needs of the employee. One of the advantages of this method is it is extremely useful in filing information gaps about the employees that often occur in a better-structured checklist. While, the disadvantage of this method is its highly dependent upon the writing skills of rater and most of them are not good writers. They may get confused success depends on the memory power of raters.

Second is Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales. This method is the statement of effective and ineffective behaviors determine the points. They are said to be behaviorally anchored. The rater is supposed to say, which behavior describes the employee performance.

One of the advantages of this model is it helps overcome rating errors. While, the disadvantage is it suffers from distortions inherent in most rating technique. Next is 360 Degree Feedback.

This technique involves getting a remarks approximately the worker from each man or woman who interacts with him for the duration of his running hours. They may be his friends, his subordinates, his superiors, customers who’ve interacted with him and even he himself would be interviewed about his belief of himself and his responsibilities on the workplace. This performance appraisal approach would be very useful for startups, due to the fact the exceptional way to study a workers’ basic overall performance and get a perception approximately his behavior, character and mind-set this is the pleasant method to follow. Although its miles a touch time ingesting, but it’s far cost powerful and unique.

It continues biases out of play because of a couple of reviews, in order that the evaluation isn’t stricken by biases of 1 individual.Other than above model/methods Management by Objectives also can be a tool to evaluate organization performance appraisal. The Management by Objective technique is much less time ingesting and of route fee powerful.

The technique involves putting in place of targets and dreams for the employee both by means of the corporation, or his manager, or both employee and company. This overall performance appraisal approach enables the employee to carry out higher, because he’s properly privy to his goals and already knows the exceptional and amount that wishes to be introduced. It has been found that when each worker and employer together decide the goals, the chance of the person assembly the aim is a great deal better. This is a fair method of evaluating because the worker knows the chances that he’s measured in opposition to. It doesn’t contain giving regular feedback to the worker, because he’s being continuously self introspective, thereby saving time and efforts of the organization.Assessment center method also can be a tool to evaluate performance appraisal. The purpose of this method is to test candidates in social situations.

It can be used by startups for evaluating employees serving at senior level. This method of evaluation is helpful for assessing managers, who have to deal with their subordinate, peers and supervisors for day-to-day business. It helps employers understand the capacity and the capability of the individual in social settings. It involves using situational exercises like an in-basket exercise, role-playing incident, business game and many other similar exercises. It gives the employer an insight to the personality of the employee like openness, tolerance, introversion/extroversion, acceptability and many more.Next is critical incident technique. This technique is similar to the essay evaluation method.

It involves making statements that describes both the positive and the negative reactions to stimulus by the employee at his work place. The statements are recorded cumulatively in a given period of time, so that one can evaluate how good the employee is at his job. His proficiency will be determined by how he deals with his day-to-day activities. The appraiser in this method is usually the direct supervisor or manager under whom the employee is serving. This technique is not only used for performance appraisals but also utilized in job interviews. The interviewer gives scenarios to the interviewee and asks them, how they would react to the given scenarios.Performance appraisal also can be evaluate by human asset accounting method. This is a very commercial and practical performance appraisal method for organizations.

In this scenario, the human capital is associated with the amount of revenue that individual generates, or the number of happy customers, or the number of leads generated in sales. It is a fair process from the point of view of the organization and the employee, because it directly indicates the profitability of the company. This method is adopted by most startups, since it is easy to execute and track. Therefore, the amount of business generated by an employee determines whether he deserves to be promoted or terminated.Last but not least, trait focused appraisal. This technique is useful for reinforcing positive work ethics and culture in the organization. It considers attributes like helpfulness, dependability, punctuality and many more for being appraised by the organization.

It motivates employees to be competitive in a fair manner and yet be available for helping out colleagues if need be. Startups should consider giving their employees trait focused appraisals once in a while, because it reinforces positive culture in the organization.RecommendationManagers can improve their performance appraisals and make them into an effective communication, goal setting, and development tool for employees while operating within the requirements of their system of performance evaluations. First, provide comments to employees frequently, not only inside the annual overall performance appraisal. Employees like regular remarks (in particular millennial employees) and powerful managers take time each day for employee remarks. Managers get more comfortable with comments, better at giving remarks, and that they nip troubles before they grow to be large.

Next is, engage the employees in a two-way discussion whenever their performance is the topic. You can improve performance appraisals by involving the employee in the discussion all year long. Then the official performance appraisal day is just an extension of the normal performance discussion. Effective performance appraisals are never a talk by a manager. If the manager is talking even half the time, the performance appraisal is not a two-way conversation. It’s a lecture. Make the majority of the conversation positive, reinforcing, and developmental for the employee.

After all, it’s his or her stage can be done correctly. Lastly, use the performance appraisal document periodically, at least quarterly, throughout the year to assess employee progress. The performance appraisal document is a useful discussion starter. It consolidates employee performance information in one spot. The performance appraisal report provides a running record of employee performance discussions all year. It offers a picture of the employee’s accomplishments and progress throughout the year.SummaryWhile a few professionals and commercial company managers have criticized overall performance value determinations in recent years, the want for overall performance appraisal in an organization is as strong as ever. When appraisals are carried out frequently with attention to high-quality practices and the actual purpose of the system, absolutely everyone advantages.

Employees are higher equipped to do their jobs they experience supported by way of control and challenged by using their paintings, improving their experience of engagement. This in turn ends in a better retention price and multiplied loyalty to the activity and the business enterprise. Performance appraisal is very importance in human resource management and also recognition of the employees itself. Performance appraisals are the means to an employee’s career improvement. Therefore, effective performance appraisal techniques now not handiest assist the employee grow, but additionally the company. If the employee is given feedback frequently and regularly, the business enterprise could be on the receiving give up of the income too. Performance critiques are critical due to the fact they assist pick out and set desires for the worker, recognize overall performance through the years, manual progress, perceive the problem areas or weaknesses, improve performance and talk career improvement within the corporation.

Companies ought to deliver promotions and value determinations frequently as it continues the personnel inspired to carry out better, thereby maximizing the performance of the worker, and the productivity of the organization.(2980 Words)


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