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Last updated: May 17, 2019

INTRODUCTIONIndonesia is a country that located at Southeast Asia. Indonesia has a thousand of islands, their states also bigger than Malaysia because they have a special subdivision in each part of Indonesia. Indonesia is the country that has a largest population of Muslims but other religion such as Buddha and Hindu also still have in the country. About the culture of Indonesia, Indonesia practices friendliness in their life, means they will be sociable with anyone around the world, they will say Hello to anyone and start to find new friends. The main capital in Indonesia is Jakarta. Jakarta is a big city that people always experience with traffic congestion, because they have so many shopping mall and famous sky scrapper. When foreign tourists come to Indonesia, they will find the scenic beauty of the country. For example, Bali is an interesting place that tourists will come because they have a really nice beach, food and suitable as holiday destination.

I choose “PT Indofood Sukses Makmur TBK”. Indofood participate in food manufacturing and processing industry. It is the largest company in Indonesia and famous with the producer of instant noodles. They have many key subsidiaries and five business group, one of them is Bogasari. Bogasari is the integrated flour miller in Indonesia. Their company is very large.

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Indofood produces package food products such as noodles, snacks, spices for seasoning, and biscuits. The main sector for Indofood is consumer goods industry. Their sub sector is food and beverages.

In conclusion, the sectors are needed by each other and important to their economy growth.Factors of ProductionCapital Capital is the things that we used to produce goods and services such as equipment, machines and building, when talked about capital, it also not about money only. Before this, the production of noodles and other products are using human, but now they are using machines. For example, Indofood produces a variety of packaging for their food and other products as well. Their department which is ICBP’s Packaging Division are very creative to find the best packaging to attract their customers.

They used modern high technology, including their machines. They must ensure that their packaging will give the best expectation for their customers and to let customers think that their product has a really good value. Indofood gives a soft financing to produce noodles, bakery and so on. The soft financing program is under Bogasari company. Indofood want to increase their production line and capacity in different kinds of products. They want to build more production towards their packaging.

Indofood expand their brand by opening their sixth noodle factory in Morocco, Africa in 2015. This is because of their instant noodles is getting higher demand in Morocco Indofood already have their factory at Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia and including Malaysia itself.EntrepreneurEntrepreneur is the person who improves on ways to use resources and create or produces new ones. The founder of Indofood is Sudono Salim.

Sudono Salim is an Indonesia Chinese businessman. He once was the richest person in Indonesia. He developed a lot of company, factory, including Indofood itself. Indofood was founded in 1968 with different name or branding until 1963 then change to its current name in 1994.Sudono Salim try to get their licensing fees for the use of their products branding. Sudono Salim was the leader of Salim Group before he passes over the business to his youngest son which is Anthony Salim.

Anthony Salim led the Salim Group, which is a family business that manage variety of business including Indofood. They own half of the shares of Indofood, which is the biggest food producers. Anthony Salim is the CEO of Indofood. Anthony Salim was listed as the fifth person in Indonesia in Forbes.

Indofood has their management structure. For example, they have their board of directors, board of commissioners, and a lot of committee department assign for different sections in the company. They really utilize the resources that they have. They think critically how to get their company getting known by the people, spent their capital to create their products with their own brand. Their noodles are getting higher demand in millions by their customers. Then, Indofood brand has been well known in Indonesia, and China become the second place famous after Indonesia. The competitor of Indofood company is Del Monte Pacific Limited.

Del Monte also a brand that active in food and beverages but their product is more premium and high-quality products.LaborLabor also called as human resources, it is the knowledge, skills and efforts that people bring to their work. Labor can be skilled, unskilled, physical or intellectual. At Indofood, they have unskilled and skilled labor. For unskilled labor, they will monitor the making of instant noodles in the factory. But, Indofood has a lot of skilled labor than unskilled labor.

For example, Indofood committed with employment practices, and they provide training program that develop their skills and knowledge. Indofood trusts that a company performance and competitive market can be increase by their workforce. Indofood will make great efforts to create a positive and conducive working environment through their business.

They also prioritize safety and has a health policy. Indofood wants their employees are safe and healthy when they are working at the company and at the factory. As mentioned in introduction, Bogasari is also a company under Indofood, they also provide training session to small enterprise in making so many things such as noodles. At Indofood, they also have employees which is doing their intern by university students. Indofood wants them to have an experience to work with the company. About their professional workers, they have a high knowledge and skills that makes Indofood hire them.

For future, Indofood really need a quality workforce that can thinks about the company future needs.?LandAny raw materials that found in nature are called natural resources or land. Land become factors of production when we used them to produce goods and services. As we know, Indofood is famous with their instant noodles.

So, the ingredients about their noodles is freshly made from wheat flour in which the flour is from Bogasari factory because they want to maintain the quality. Their wheat flour is being mixed with water, mineral salt and a little bit of Alkali. Alkali is made from renewable resources such as carbonate.

They also choose high quality cooking oil to fry the noodles. The instant noodles also did not have any artificial colouring and their production of noodles is certified “Halal”. They use MSG in their noodles but in a measured amount.

Their instant noodles did not have any toxic ingredients that harms people. Indofood find their own ways on how they can get the required resources and they must maintain the freshness of the resources to maintain the quality of the products. They obtain some ingredients from some subsidiary and ask help from other country to import some of the ingredients. About the location of the company, Indofood located at Sudirman Plaza, which is located at Jakarta. Indofood has their own tower that represent their brand and products. ?ConclusionIn conclusion, Indofood is a successful brand has utilized the factors of production wisely.

They has so many products that people likes, not in Indonesia but peoples around the world as well.


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