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IntroductionIn the discussions on organisational achievement, it is often said that employees’ determination is one of the vital factors for success. Concentrating on modern times, it could be stated that organizations want to have satisfied employees who feel respectable in their workplace; they desire to work with employees who have an optimistic view for job. Employees who have an extraordinary level of job satisfaction generally adore their job; they feel righteousness and secure in an environment in which they work, and feel that their job provides them some encouraging features such as variety, challenge, good pay, security and pleasant co-workers, etc.

However, it is vital to highlight that the relationship between job satisfaction and employee productivity is far from simple and straight.Workplace EnvironmentAn employee’s workplace environment is an important element of the excellence of their work and their level of work productivity. The work environment includes the physical environmental location as well as the direct surroundings of the workplace.The things an organization can do with their work environment that would either promote positive performance or discourage undesirable behaviour of the employees.

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• Job LocationImportance of location is obvious, crowded location or bad-sited area will leads to frustration and unsatisfied employee can never provide innovative output. An organization can reduce this by implementing the following steps:? Allow flexible start and off times to avoid regular rush hours during the mornings and evenings.? Allow employees to work from home, perhaps a day or two each week. This will reduce their stress level and increase productivity.? Provide transport facilities for employees.

• AtmosphereThe physical atmosphere in work environment usually consists of walls, ceiling and lighting. According to research, wall color, ceiling height and light intensity have diverse effects on employees’ productivity.If your team is functioning on tasks that involve an element of creativity or producing new ideas, it is best to accommodate them in an area with a high ceiling, walls colored in blue or green, and/or dim illumination. That is because researchers consider that these deviations in the environment have a priming effect, inspires a feel of freedom and to conceive more conceptually.On the other hand, if employee is working on tasks involving attention to details, logical thinking or working on a particular plan, then a room with a low ceiling, red-painted walls), and/or a luminously lit room.

Such deviations in the atmosphere of your workplace environment are perfect when employees are not required to look for novel ideas.An engaging atmosphere can increase performance from good as well as average employees.• Natural ElementsExposure to natural essentials such as sunlight and greenery increases mental health and employees’ good behavior.Key elements in the workplaceWhether you are the supervisor or an employee, since you devote a lot of time at your workplace, it is important that you feel happy there. Happy employees work harder, provide more and achieve better.• Defined LeadershipLeader ship is most important element in any workplace. A leader is responsible for setting goals, communicating measures, and observing success.Employees need to feel self-assured about getting their questions answered and issues resolved.

• Honest and Open CommunicationFor a pleasant workplace, good relationship with other employees is essential. Be honest about your feelings and fears. Communication should be strong and effective.• SafetySafety in the workplace is a term covering numerous areas. Employees must feel safe from violence in the work environment. Buildings should be secure from external interruption, while co-employees should feel safe around each other.• RespectEmployees spend an enormous time of the day at work and between fellow employees. When employees respect the co-employees and their working environment, the result is a more interconnected workplace and productivity increases.

• Keeping it Casual and Have FunIf employees work in an enjoyable, fun and welcoming environment, it will not be difficult for them to take an extra job, stay longer if required, and give their 110%.• Napping at WorkTaking a short nap and having a cup of tea is motivating and results in high productivity and better experience.There are many more elements like positive affirmation, supportive environment or ME time etc. which should implemented in offices. An organization should make office a second home for employees.Ergonomics Ergonomics is the procedure of designing or positioning of environment, equipment and systems so that they fit the people who use them.

Most of us heard of ergonomics and think it is something to do with seating arrangement or with the design of car controls– and it is… but it is so much wider than this.Ergonomics targets to improve workspaces to reduce risk of injury. We the need to certify that the objects we access for work, rest and play, perfectly designed according to our body’s requirements.

Ergonomics applies to the structure of anything that involves people – workspaces, sports and relaxation, fitness and protection.Office ErgonomicsSetting up your workplace environment so it is comfortable and resourceful for you is necessary for avoiding musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) such as injures and straining. Your seat, keyboard, mouse, and desktop are all pieces of office equipment that can have a great impact on your body position. If any of these, not correctly adjusted, you could be at hazard of injury.A simple and effective office ergonomics list that you can perform at your workplace, to ensure that you are comfortable, harmless and productive at the office.• Posture – Activity – Exercise? Maintain appropriate posture, paying attention to your position of head, neck, arms, hips and feet.? Ensure that there is no pressure under thighs, your shoulders are relaxed and your back is supported.

? Change your postures on regular basis.? Avoid difficult reaching for equipment such as telephone, mouse and different tools.? Take frequent short breaks.? Give eyes a break by closing them for short time.? Proper exercises are essential.• Lighting – Air – Noise? Adjust the brightness of your computer screen to a relaxed level. ? Clean the computer screen daily.

? Reduce the amount of dust gathering items like papers and files on your desk.? Avoid distracting noises and try soft music to reduce the noise.• Work style – Organization – Breaks? Reduce stress by setting daily realistic milestones.? Organize your workload with perfect time management.? Vary tasks to make your day interesting.? Avoid long repetitive activities.? Organize your equipment in efficient arrangement.

? Customize your workplace with your favorite items, like art pieces, photos or plants.? Take mini-breaks that re-energize and refresh.Why Ergonomics is important in offices?Here are some of the proven benefits of a strong workplace ergonomics process:• The excellent ergonomic will often improve work productivity. Designing a job with decent posture, less effort, fewer gestures and healthier heights and reaches, makes the workplace more efficient.

• Employees notice when the organization is putting their best efforts to ensure their health and safety. If an employee does not face issues like fatigue and discomfort during their day, it can reduce turnover, decrease absence, improve confidence and increase employee engagement.Employees PerformanceEmployee performance is a main element that contributes directly to the performance of the organization.

In today’s competitive market, companies are keen to increase employee productivity in order to improve their profitability and enhance brand recognition.Each employee makes a distinct contribution to the performance of the company unit and thus to your entire firm. In simple terms, employee performance is the extent to which an organizational participant contributes in achieving the goals of the company.

Factors affecting employee productivityThere are many factors, which affect an employee’s performance; these factors could help boost the employee performance.• Salary Increment : When it comes to employee productivity, few factors play a major role. Some of them are:• Attitude Is Essential: Employees who enjoy their work and are recognized for their contributions will have positive attitudes.• Resources: Sufficient resources will have a good impact on an employee’s behavior and productivity. • Management:An effective management motivates and encourage their employees on their good performance, which enhances their engagement and productivity level.• Autonomy:Autonomy refers to how much freedom employees have during their work.

Higher levels of autonomy leads to job satisfaction and increasing productivity.• Salary:Salary also shows a distinct role in how well your employees perform. Incentive pay, based on the quantity of work provided rather than on the time consumed on the job, is particularly advantageous for increasing employee’s productivity. An employee earning a high wage feels interested to do their job, because he wants to satisfy his employer to maintain his position. • Flexible working hours:The timing of employees’ work is important determinants of workers’ motivation, performance and effort at work.Flexible schedules help reduce the chronic pressures on employees by time. • Distractions:Social media can be a huge factor that kills productivity.

Encourage employees to avoid using social websites during work but take regular breaks. • Inappropriate multitasking: Inappropriate multitasking is a big barrier to productivity. It can exclude important data from mind and grasping unnecessary details. Multitasking also increases the stress level, which leads to half-finished duties. • Appreciation and Acknowledgment:When employees’ notices that every good contribution to the company is acknowledged, he or she knows that, their activities count and that really matters to employees.

• Workload:Workload is determined by the task overload. It increases the work stress and reduces the productivity.• Growth Opportunities:Employees want to improve in their field. Knowing that they will get opportunity to grow at work gives them confidence, that enhances their productivity as well.


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