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IntroductionI. HistoryII. What is AI?III.

Natural IntelligenceIV. NI vs AIWhy AI?I. Enhance Efficiency and throughputII. Free up humans to do what AI can doIII.

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Add jobs, strengthen economyIV. Enhance our life styleV. Extends and expands creativityVI. Benefits multiple industries AI aims atI.

ReasoningII. LearningIII. PerceptionIV. Natural language processingV. PlanningVI. Motion and ManipulationApproaches in AI I. SymbolicII. ConnectionistIII.

Strong AIIV. Applied AIV. Cognitive SimulationDaily life examples of AII. Virtual personal assistantII. Video gamesIII. Smart carsIV. AI in medicineDisadvantages of AIConclusion?IntroductionArtificial Intelligence (MACHINE INTELLIGENCE) is referred to intelligence shown by the machines. It is contrast to the natural intelligence demonstrated by the natural objects.

It is basically the study of Intelligent Agents. Any device that which take stimulus from its environment and takes actions to maximize its ability to successfully achieving its goals.The goals of AI research are reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning and natural language processing. And other major goal of AI is General intelligence. There are different approaches that are used in AI.

It includes statistical method, computational intelligence and traditional symbolic AI. The basis of AI are upon computer science, psychology, linguistic, philosophy, mathematics and many others.AI has pros and cons. Some people consider it to be a danger to humanity if it progresses unabatedly.

It will also create unemployment. But according to the advocates of AI, it will free men from burden and shares it work. Virtual personal Assistants like Siri, Google Now, Bixby; they help us to find useful information when you ask for it using your voice. AI is important part of these apps. Different robots, automatic cars voice recognition and face identification are some of the examples of AI.HISTORY The field of Artificial Intelligence was developed by Allan Newell, Herbert Simon, John McCarty, Marvin Minsky and Arthur Samuel in 1956 at Dartmouth College.

They produced programs that were astonishing like computer were learning checkers strategies, solving word problems in algebra, proving logical theorems and speaking English language. The US Defense Department funded heavily on AI field. Laboratories were formed around the world.

The founders were optimistic about the future. “Machine will be capable within twenty years of doing any work a man can do.” In 1974 the progress of AI research was slowdown due to criticism on it. But it revived again in 1980 with the development of Expert system, a form of AI program that simulated the knowledge and analytical skill of human expert. With the passage of time, AI research market reached to billion dollars and in 21 century its began to be used for linguistic, data mining, diagnosis and other areas.What is AI?”Artificial Intelligence is quality, attribute or ability of a digital devices or digitally controlled robots to perform functions or tasks associated with Human beings.” It refers to development of systems that have intellectual processes associated with humans i.

e. reasoning, learning and planning. It is study of ideas to make computers to be more intelligent and efficient. AI works with the help of;• Artificial Neurons (Artificial Neural Network)• Scientific Theorems (If-Then statements, logics)IntelligenceIntelligence is defined as capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness and problem solving skill. It is a mental ability that involved perceiving relationships, calculating and learning quickly. Previously g-factor was considered to be a main factor at the intelligence base but later due to research of psychologists it was proved that it was not an easy or simple thing which could be learn or determined by simplistic method. The attribute and quality of intelligence is associated with human beings or living beings.

Some psychologist believed that it is inherited while some argued that environment is an important factor for intelligence.Natural Intelligence vs Artificial IntelligenceNatural IntelligenceIntuition, Common sense, judgment, Creativity, Beliefs etc.The ability to demonstrate their intelligence by communicating effectivelyPlausible Reasoning, critical thinkingAnd reasoning Artificial IntelligenceAbility to simulate Human Behavior and cognitive processes Ability Capture and preserve human expertise and skillsFast response, The ability to response large amount of data quickly Why Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence use is increased in business and world in general. There are different reasons why use of AI has increased in world. The reasons are following;Enhances Efficiency and ThroughputOne of the main benefits of AI is, it increases the efficiency of devices and machines.

With AI machines can perceive their environment and take action accordingly. Siri and Google Now as Virtual Assistant help us in many ways and reduce our work. Free up humans to do what AI can doHumans can’t do tedious and similar tasks. Due to monotony humans are ill-suited for these kind of tasks but machines can do these tasks. AI in this field has provided many benefits.Add jobs, strengthens economyThere is a myth about AI and Robots that they will destroy jobs and create unemployment but this seems to be a fiction than fact.

People will be at work but they will have machines which can perform more precisely than humans. That combination of machine and Human will become workforce for future.Enhance our life styleIntelligent assistants are surrounding us from answering emails to data entry. It all done by the AI programmed machines and devices. Smart home devices will reduce use of energy and provide better security. Health care amenities will also be improved.

Extends and expands creativityHuman creativity and ingenuity will be increased by AI. With AI complex problems and issues can be solved that human cant. Tracking systems, experts systems and customer managements will be done by these AI machines and Human can focus on different things and aspects of life and technology.Benefits multiple industries AI will provide benefit to almost all industries.

It will help in defense industry like guided missiles, in medicine, stock market and mechanical industries. It will help to predict and analysis of different processes.Daily life examples of AIAI has huge effect on our life. May be we are not aware of them and they have an influence on our life. Here are some examples of AI that we use in our daily life;Virtual personal AssistantsSiri, Google Now and Cortana are some of the examples of intelligent digital assistants on smart phones. With VPA we can find useful information by using our voice.

They recognize our voice and complete the task accordingly. AI is an important part of them. It also predicts according to our taste.Video Games Video games are one of the most common example of AI. People are mostly familiar with them.

Games like Call of Duty, God of War and Sniper shoot also have significant use of AI, with the ability to recognize enemies and to take action that might be helpful for their survival.Smart carsSelf-driving cars are now going to be reality with the use of AI. Google self-driving project car and also Tesla’s “autopilot” are two examples of AI.

It will allow to cars to drive the cars in the same way as humans do. Smart brakes of Tesla car is also example of it.AI in MedicineIN Medical field AI is used to perform clinical diagnoses and suggest treatments.

Different techniques are used for these purposes that are following;• Medical expert system• Machine learning based medical system• Medical signal and image processing techniques


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