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INTRODUCTIONHans Selye, father of modern stress research define stress as the” nonspecific response of the body to any demand”.From the latin word “strictus” which means to tight or narrow, the word stress is derived and “stringer”is the verb meaning to tighten. These words signify the Inner feelings of stiffness, tightening of muscles and trouble in breathing informed by many. Stress is alike electricity which gives energy, increases arousal of the humans and affect regular functioning but can also lead to unpleasant experience due to its high level.

Stress know as good stress which enhances the performance is called Eustress. Eustress has the potential to turn into distress which decrease the performance of person. Stress is unavoidable element of life. It can influence a student’s bodily well-being, emotional functioning and academic achievement. Due to changes in lifestyle, increase in work load, new responsibilities and interpersonal relationship, the college students experience stress.Exploration on scholar strain goes back at least half a century to David Mechanic’s 1962 book “Students under stress”, which was on graduate pupils. Research on students stress became vigorous in 1980’s.Old explorations show that some undergraduate scholars experience a lot of stress.

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Scholars of first year university were found to be disposed to stress and encounter increased levels of stress due to the changes taking place during college life. As university life is different from school life, many of the students face culture shock. Many students who are not able to cope up with these stressors which worsen their academic functioning and results in psychological suffering. College life is one of the most dazzling and unforgettable experience of a teenage. It is in college that an adolescent enjoys the vivacious atmosphere, the support of friends, and many academic and co-curricular events, which develops, cherishes and prepares the adolescent for adulthood. College pupils are at an important stage from where they will enter the stage of adulthood.

Due to fast bodily change and mental growth at this period student may feel incompatible with the undergoing changes and suffer from problems.In the arena of education of the university students the switchover from adolescence to adulthood is a complicated journey. There are many possible sources of distress at any given point in time which are faced by the college students. College students constantly face more inconvenience due to academic burden, adjustment to new atmosphere, anxiety of being unsuccessful, fight to create uniqueness, achieving social familiarity, inferiority etc.

, As a result stress is regarded as the world’s second fatal killer. There are numerous other explanations that forms the foundation for stress in students both positively and negatively. Stressors are the experiences, events and situations that lead an individual to develop stress. Some of the common college stressors are-Staying away from home -living on their own can be an intimidating experience for some pupils. They miss friends and family and may face problems adjusting to roomies, unaware social circumstances.

The high level of academic college necessity can be very stressful thing for some students, many students sense burden to attain certain grades in order to sustain a scholarship demand.The college societal scene can be different and thrilling, but it can also lead to a great level of chaos. Many pupils are still trying to find out who they are and what they want resulting in personal conflicts which are common. Ending of an intimate relationship can lead students without vital emotional support.

Balancing part time jobs and college leads to very little for the students to unwind and relax.AIM- To examine the stress among college student.REVIEW OF LITERATURE1.

C.P Mathew (2017) conducted a study on students of college to know the stress level among them and the strategies used by them to cope. The participants included 100 college students in the age group of 18 to 21 years.

The results showed that moderate level of stress is found among the average number of participants and use average level of coping strategies.2.Brougham R. Ruby, Zaid M. Christy, Mendoza.M. Celeste, Miller.R.

Janine (2009) conducted a study on 166 college students to study the coping Strategies and sources of stress. A stress inventory used was based on a 5-factor revised COPE model. The results show college women have high level of stress then college men.3.Pierceall A Emily, Keim C. Marybelle (2007) conducted a study on students to see how the perceived stress. The data was collected from 212 students using the stress scale. The results showed that women students for more stress than the man students.

4.Marthoenis.Inong Meutuia, Liza Fathiariani and Hizir sofyan (2018) conducted a study on students living in a disaster-prone area to examine the prevalence rate of stress depression and anxiety. data was collected using a self-administered questionnaire for the same. the results showed the prevalence of depression and stress among students.5. Macauley Kelly, Plummer Laura, Bemis Charlotte, Brock Genevieve, Larson Christine and Spangles Johanna (2018) conducted a study on Healthcare students to determine the prevalence and predictors of anxiety.

the study showed that Healthcare students have more level of stress and anxiety as compared to general population.6.Motaz B. Ibrahim, Motaz H. Abdelreheem (2015) in his study measured the prevalence of anxiety and depression in students of Medical and Pharmaceutical Alexandria University. The students are asked to fill the Beck depression inventory and Beck anxiety inventory. The results disclosed the presence of anxiety and depression in both group of students but was more in medicine students.

7.Erin L Genmill, Michael Peterson (2006) Indian study explode the impact of technology leading to perceived stress among college students. To 299 students a 71-item survey was conducted. the study reveals that more disruption from Technology leads to more stress and 25% of the participants have more stress.8.Nuran Bayram, Nazan Bilgel (2008) conducted a study on a group of Turkish University students to measure the occurrence of anxiety, stress and depression. Depression anxiety and stress scale (DASS-42) was administered on 16 17 students.

the results show high level of anxiety and stress among female students and also among students of 1st and 2nd year.9.Narayan R Mutalik, Shankar Honi, SB Choudhari and Giving S Bhigale (2016) conducted a study aimed to assess the symptoms of stress anxiety and depression. General Health questionnaire and Anxiety stress scale (DASS-21) was administered on a group of 133 students from Government Degree College, Bagalkot. The results showed high level of stress among college students.10. Darling Anderson Carol, Mcwey.M Lenore, Howard N.

Stacy, Olmstead B. Spencer (2007) conducted a study to examine stress among college students and how they cope with it. by using family stress Theory on 596 college students it was concluded that among college student female students experience more stress.11.

Nicole A. Vankim, to end. Nelson (2013) explode the cross-sectional relation among physical movement, mental health and perceived stress. Stress was measured by Cohen perceived stress scale, mental health by SF 36 and sales report physical activity on a total of 14804 students. The study reveals that less stress and less bua mental health was reported by students meeting the recommendations then students not meeting them.

12.Ranjita Mistake, Linda G Castilla (2004) explored the academic stresses and responses to stress among American and international students. Sample comprised of 392 International and American students. Gadzella’s Life stress inventory was used for this.

the study reveals higher self-induced stressors and behavioral responses in American students then in international students.13.Soo Mi Jang, SunjuSohn and Mansoo Yu (2018) explored the relation between stress, alcohol intake and use of internet among Korean college students. By means of structural equation modelling on 870 college student a cross-sectional study was conducted. Study reveals the relation of stress with alcohol intake but no effect of Internet.14.JaisooryaTS, RaniAnjana, Menon G. Priya, C R Jeevan, M Revamma, Vineeth, a Jose, Radhakrishnan, Anupam Kishore, Thennarasu K.

and Srivasankaran Nair B. (2017) investigated stress among college students in Kerala, India. 5784 students across 58 colleges were self-administered Kessler’s Psychogical distress scale (K10). This study reveals the high prevalence of stress among students.15.Xiaoyun Zhang, Haiping Want, Yan Xia, Xiaohong Lin and Eunju Jung (2012) explored weather coping types and stress predict suicide Probability and are mediators on Association between stress and suicide ideation. on a group of 671 Chinese students a survey was conducted revealing 20% students with suicide ideation effected by Life stress and coping styles.16.

Aurel lon Clincile (2013) explored college adjustment and its association with student stress. Bakir and Sergk’s student adaptation to college questionnaire and Gadzella’s student life stress inventory was administered on 157 students from Humanities arena of a University named Transilvania. The Study reveals better personal emotional adjustment in males and compensatory better academic adjustment in females.

17. Waghachavare B. Vivek. Dhumale B Grish, Kadem R. Yugantara and Gore D Alka (2013) explored the association of stress amongst college scholars with academic, social and health related factors. A total of 1200 students of dental, medical and engineering from colleges of urban area of Sangli district, Maharashtra was used for a cross-sectional study.

study result presence of stress among students of all the three fields.18 Elias Habiban., Ping Siew Wong, Abdullah Chong Maria (2011) explored the stress and academic achievement. The college undergraduate stress scale (CUSS) was administered on a sample of 376 students. The study reveals that the students experience moderate level of stress.19.

Dr. Ahmad M. Thawabien and Dr.

lama M. Oaisy (2012) explored the level of stress experienced by college students. A sample of 471 students from Taking technical University was taken. The study confirms that the scholars experience moderate level of stress.20.Michele L Pettit, Kathy A De Barr (2011) explored the relations about perceived stress, energy drink consumption, and academic performance amongst college students.

A total of 136 undergraduates completed surveys with items from the Perceived Stress Scale and items to describe energy drink intake, academic performance, and demographics. Results show gender differences in intake of energy drink and a necessity for education in response to perceived stressDISCUSION AND CONCLUSIONStress is a natural phenomenon experienced by everyone throughput the lifetime. people experience different kinds of stress throughout their lifetime.

intensity of the stressors determines the level of stress experienced by person. Reactions to these stressors affects the way we live, think and eat. The results indicate that university scholars face a certain level of stress and the key factor is the social aspect and this may own to the fact that students come from diverse cities and they have new relations So, here stress among college students was examined. People in college experience a varied amount of stress. The effect of stress depends on the we perceive it. It was found that stress is experienced by every college studentIt showed that female undergraduates had more stress than males; this could be described by the fact that females are more exposed to the social pressure and they still underneath the pressure of the cultural traditions.Experience of stress is also related with health problems and diseases.

stress cannot be removed from our life is but its effect can be minimized by making appropriate efforts. Having positive attitude towards life helps in overcoming the problems easily and thus reducing stress. The level of stress faced may be influenced by the individual’s ability to efficiently manage the stressful events and situations. If stress is not handled efficiently, feelings of solitude and uneasiness, as well as liveliness and excessive worrying may cause psychological distress.

It is vital that stress intervention programs to be planned to address stress of college students.


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