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Introduction/BackgroundSmoking was always been a health hazards ever since smoking came into existence, although smokers claims that smoking helps them to relax and alleviate stress but its negative effects overweigh the positive.

Smoking cigarettes is a health hazards for both smokers and non-smokers. Non-smokers suffer from eye, nose irritation, allergies, headache as the result of second hand smoking (, 2013). Thus Smoke-Free Ontario act was introduced to help smokers quit smoking to protect people from second hand smoking, and to encourage young people to never smoke (, 2017). Smoking is the most common method of consuming tobacco, and tobacco is the most common substance smoked (Wigand and Jeffrey, 2006).

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Many smokers begin during adolescence or early adulthood (Chandrupatla,2017). Smoking leads to disease and disability and harms nearly every organ of the body. More than 16 million Americans are living with a disease caused by smoking (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Health Effects, 2017).The impacts of smoking are not just related to the people but the outer environment is also getting affected with this dreadful thing. This reason is enough to inform any smoker as why “quit smoking” is important for everyone besides this own self (Social Awareness, Effect of Smoking,2011). The effect of the second hand smoking is more on Kids. According to the study, 85% of the kids fall victim to the second hand smoking (Social Awareness, Effect of Smoking, 2011).

Our organisation main purpose is to aware youth and young adults about negative effects of smoking that leads to various diseases. To prevent the further severe consequences of smoking, it is very essential to educate the students, their parents and families. Program GoalsLong term goal: Evaluating the outcome of “Awareness of Smoking ” in colleges at North Bay.Short term goal: Increasing the general knowledge about cigarettes use and to increase awareness and the intention to quit among smokers is based on information, motivation, and availability of cessation services. Communication ObjectivesConducting three- four training sessions across colleges in North Bay about awareness of smoke.Survey students one month after attending the training session to assure 65-70% are follow strategy plan provided during the session in across colleges to prevent smoking in youth and young adults.Arranging free camps in which counselling is provided about how to quit smoke gradually in youth and young children.

Situation AnalysisCommunication GoalOur organization goal is to educate young adults in North Bay about quitting smoke. To prevent smoking in students studying in colleges at North Bay by conducting training sessions, free health camps across colleges and community to reduce “smoking”. Main aim is to increase awareness about the harmful effects of smoking among youth and young adults.Target AudienceThe primary target audience which are included in the survey are youth and young adults who age 18-25 years studying in colleges, which play a major role as they are the one who need to get educated about awareness of smoking. The secondary audiences are friends, relatives, siblings, our professors, care giver providers and grandparents, as they also have influence in decision making. History Canadian consumption of cigarettes has been declining since the monitoring of smoking began in 1965, when an estimated 50% of adults smoked.

In 1981 smoking prevalence had dropped below 40% and by 2004 that number had dropped to 24%. At present, slightly more than 20% of the population aged 15 years and older smoke (Historica Canada, Smoking,2008).Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, accounting for approximately 80% of all new cases of lung cancer in women and 90% in men (Historica Canada, Smoking,2008). Language Simple use of vocabulary for students to understand and follow the instructions given during training sessions. The most common and easily understandable language is English language for almost all people. Easy understandable and conveyable words are used. The most important thing will be being friendly with students. The best way to communicate is by showing videos, pictures, role play etc.

Motivation It is very essential for youth to motivate and explain about the consequences of smoking and its negative impact on body by providing following steps: If you quit smoking, you will stay healthy. Students can also get encouraged by explaining both pros and cons of smoking.ResourcesTraining sessions, free camps, survey were conducted in all colleges in North Bay for duration of two months from October 17st 2017 to December 17st 2017 which included youth and young adults(Age 18-25 years) to aware about smoking. The total budget is $1000 include timeframe that 2 training session complete by December 2017. Sign boards, postures and pamphlets will help to create awareness about effects of smoking. Time required to the whole implementation plan has to be done from October 2017 to December 2017. Advisory board can be used to spread the word in the community through their connections and organizations. Mass media will organize special awareness campaign to create the interest toward healthy life style, smoke free living among society.

Shared Vision and goalTo live smoke free livingImproving health for a better future. To prevent youth and young adults from smoking Resources Training sessions, free camps, survey were conducted in all local public schools in North Bay for duration of two months from October 1st 2017 to December 1st 2017 which included children of age groups (6-12 years) to prevent childhood obesity. To carry out this sessions, approximately 70-80$ was required to print diet charts and materials to the target audience.

Educators, school teachers, administrators, children was the people involved in the survey. Free camps, training sessions, all public school administration, connections to other agencies in community were used as a channel of communication for the target audiencesShared vision and goalTo prevent overweight or obesity among children in school.To live healthy life style.Avoid eating excess fat intake, unhealthy food to stay fit and disease free. Well developed Messages Problem: Lack of knowledge related health diseases cause smoking and that can lead to contagious diseases like lung cancer, respiratory diseases etc. Absence of team network services providers serving high risk native Ontario adults and youth who are smokers.

Approach: Encouraging students about awareness of smoking by holding seminars, conducting free health camps across colleges and community in North Bay.Action: The action on prevention and awareness focuses on youth and young adult. We will never reduce smoking prevalence if we don’t address the new supply of smokers. Providing awareness about bad and serious effects on people, so reminding them of what smoking is doing to their body may not help. Assure them of your help and support if they decide to try to give up smoking. Action Plan To ensure that 65-70% of youth and young adults are able to understand the session and importance of preventing smoking by conducting three- four training sessions in a month for two-three groups of students at specific colleges in North Bay including specific topics related to consequences of smoking and mainly addressing about negative impact on body.

It is important for audience to first start with the basic topics about how to gradually quit smoking and asking back questions related to that topic during the session as well as at the end of session. Counselling is also provided at the end of session so that students should be provided with information from every aspect. One month after session, surveying students who have attending the seminars, health camps to know whether there is any change in their healthy habits, how far they understand the sessions and to what extent they are able to follow. RACI ChartingTASKEducatorManager(Administrator)Survey In charge counsellorSchedule training sessionsATo prepare for seminarsARTo manage administrator workA/RTo arrange free health camps for students across colleges.ATo evaluate the results by end of all sessionsCA/REvaluation Strategy To create awareness we conducted survey among youth and young adults about the consequences of smoking. This was done by arranging free camps, conducting training sessions in which proper counselling, importance of preventing smoking habits were explained. The interest of children, their queries, doubts during sessions make the camps successful.

It took almost one and half month after training sessions for collecting, analysing and evaluating the data. Evaluation strategy is done by conducting survey one month after session to know the understanding level of students by providing them questionnaire which includes simple basic questions regarding obesity and topics which were discussed in the training sessions .By obtaining answers , it will be clearly understood , how far students are able to understand the session, seminars etc.ConclusionThis communication plan is conducted to create awareness of smoking in youngster and adults by providing information which includes negative impact of smoking on body through the sessions, camps and its success will be assessed through the survey at the regular period of time. Smoke free living is very important as it affects the general health, a youth self esteem, speaking and overall personality. Parents should give special attention towards their children that they are avoiding their bad habits and encourage taking healthy diet. References Echeat.

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Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804: Jeffrey Wigand. Retrieved 14 February 2009. Chandrupatla, Siddardha G.; Tavares, Mary; Natto, Zuhair S. (27 July 2017).

“Tobacco Use and Effects of Professional Advice on Smoking Cessation among Youth in India”. Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention: APJCP. 18 (7): 1861–1867. doi:10.22034/APJCP.2017.18.

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Retrived from Appendix-AQuestionnaire form Do you now smoke cigarette?Yes b.

No 2. Do you know harmful effects of smoking?Yes b. No 3. During the past 30 days, on how many days did you smoke cigarettes? 4. Do these training sessions have an impact on audience? a.

Yes b. No 5. Do students able to understand about “awareness of smoking” sessions? a.

Yes b. No


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