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Last updated: December 21, 2019

Audience analysis is the dominant success of any message for holding the attention of the audience you need to mold your message in a way which is easily understood by your audiences. Communication is the best way to engage the audience because that way you will know what audience what audience wants to hear and what they don’t want. Most importantly, tell your audience stories which are related to your topic and by this, your audience won’t get bored and will be active listening to you. Share your views about a topic but also let audience share their views like what they think or want to comment on your topic that you are presenting.

These are points that help you to become a good speaker:

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1. Language:
The most important key for a communication is a language because if you can talk in an excellent way to express your views with the help of language then your audience will able to understand you more easily like what is the reason behind your topic. With the help of language, you can express your point of view easily towards your audience.

2. Style:
A speaker’s style is a unique way that describes what the speaker is trying to tell the audience. While talking in front of the audience, you must be confident and most importantly you should be confident about your topic and what you are trying to tell the audience. Moreover, as a speaker be yourself when talking in front of an audience.

3. Structure:
The topic you are going to talk about should have excellent and proper format structure because in starting you should have the main points than the examples so that audience understands at the beginning of your speech that what you are trying to say. The body part should be the longest part but also in that you must tell a story or something which is related to your topic so your audience won’t get bored by listening to your speech. Lastly, your ending should have great points for your topic.

4. Purpose and needs:
A good speaker should know their topic really carefully and understand it so he/ she can explain to his/her audience about their topic. In his/ her speech audience should see the understanding and a passion of the speaker what he/she is trying to say. A speaker should enjoy and strongly agree with his/her topic which he/she wants the audience to understand.

Overall, the speaker’s words are the main part of the speech. Also, in starting and ending put your main points in your speech. At the end of the speech, always leave a positive message towards your audience.


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