Advertising is attempting to influence the buying behaviour of customers or clients by providing a persuasive selling message about the products or services. In business the goal of advertising is to attract new customers by defining the target market and reaching out to them with an effective ad campaign (Susan Ward, 2018). Advertising is always present, though people may not be aware of it. In today’s world, advertising uses every possible media to get its message through. It can be done via television, print (newspaper, magazine, journals, etc.), radio, press, internet, direct selling, hoarding, mailers, contests, sponsorships, posters, clothes, events, colours, sounds, visuals and even using people as endorsements. The advertising industry is made of companies that want to advertise their product or services, and agencies that create the advertisements, media that carries the ads, and a host of people.
Advertising has important role in marketing, where advertising plays the informative roles. Advertising serves as the channel through which consumers get to know about the company products and services. Companies manufacture products and services with the aim of selling their products to target market or consumers. Without sales, these companies will suffer losses and will be out of business if they can’t overcome the problem. It is advertising’s role through various media, to inform the public about the products or services information. Apart from informing consumers, advertising goes further to persuade consumers to buy the products. The public may be well informed about a product through the various media. Advertising through creative appeals can persuades the public to take action and buy the products and services.
However, advertising has right to privacy where it’s a protection ethics to be protected and avoid interferers in promotion and sales. The right of privacy is a relatively recent development of American jurisprudence. Until 1904, it had not been recognized in any American court. Prior to and since that time much has been written urging recognition of the right. The right of privacy is now recognized in nearly all states. This comment will examine how this doctrine has been applied in cases involving the use of one’s name or photograph in an advertisement without his consent. Also the new technologies such as Internet and phones have increased the number of vandalism. Most of people frequently receiving spam messages and advertisements, even though they want it or not and having less protection on the way they promoting and selling the product or services.

Ethics in advertising is important than the company motive profits, because by acting ethically with their advertising, a company is being responsible towards the needs of the consumer. Ethical advertising evens the playing field for the consumer by giving them the information they need to make an informed decision on what products to buy and how these products will enhance their lives. Whether they need the product or they just want that product. Companies need to show that they have morals when advertising to consumers, because that makes consumers’ feel like the company cares about what they need. This shows that the customer is protected by a company that behaving in a way that makes a difference to the community they work in. Companies need to work with the community in a way that is sustainable and keeps all the stakeholders happy. Although, if the company only focus on the company motive on profit, it makes them unable to achieved the target. It is because customers are the key on gaining company profit and if they do not take care of their customer it will lead to declining on purchasing of company product and services.
Besides that, companies also need to provide their customers with fair knowledge of what they are trying to achieve with their company mission and vision. By sharing this vision, they are helping people to understand the thought process behind their decision making and how the company feels their products or services will be of benefits to people without using false advertising to attract people into buying the products or services. Honesty is important for customers in order to create trust between a brand and a consumer, so maintaining ethics in advertising efforts will help to make the relationship with customers become stronger and gaining more profits from there. By doing the right thing, brands are acting in a responsible manner towards the community and the customers they are working for. Companies need to show that they care about the community around them, because it is part of their duty. Companies also need to be honest with their intentions and show that they care about the consumer.
However, advertising ethics more important to company motive for gaining their profit, where it’s can attract customers to the firm’s products, which mean boosting sales and profits. Ethics also depends on what people believe. If the advertisers make the ads on the belief that the consumers will understand, then persuade them to think carefully, and then act on their ads, this will lead to positive results and the ad may not be called unethical.

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The marketing implication on this advertisement ethics are, advertising have more positive site that can be used by the companies to do advertising for their products and services. Advertisement help all companies to meeting their competition. The number of products on the same need of the consumers are available in the market, it is obvious that no company can make profits for a long time if the consumers keep on changing their brands. Hence, advertisement also help in attract the consumers toward a particular products and services and makes them to stick on a specific brand.
Other than that, advertisement can make the demand stable. There are certain products that have only a seasonal demand. For example, umbrellas only can be used only in rainy seasons, but the advertising that used by the company ask consumer to use it in summer to prevent them from the direct rays of the sun. so, the companies do not need to close itself during the off-seasons. When the demand become stable, it will effect on high sales volume. Advertisements help the producers to reach out to the consumers quickly and improve their sales. If consumers influenced by the products, they will buy the products which they do not need at that instant. Obviously, customers are also influenced by the timely offers that the producers advertise. If the offers last only for a certain time, they show their hurry to buy that product as soon as possible.
Based on the situation in the question, promotional method that used by the company using technologies such as Internet and phone to promote their product and services need to use proper way to share the information while promoting the product. It’s more effective when they use suitable media to advertise their product rather than forcing customer to accept the advertisement that they don’t want to. In other words, the companies are using spam message and advertisement. It resulting the lack of privacy, and they need more protection from that.
Last but not least, if the particular product uses an ambassador to advertise the products of its brand, it shall definitely develop a reliability for its products. The public shall trust that company and its products which in turn shall increase the evaluation of the goodwill and the image of the firm. This also a good way on advertise the company products rather than using spam method or receiving from commercial advertising, often for poor quality of product and get rich quick schemes by the scammer. Ambassador is more trusted than unwanted advertisement.


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