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Last updated: April 27, 2019

Introduction:Sugarcane juice is a luscious natural drink, full of nutrients.It is produced by pressing the raw, decorticated sugarcane stems in a crushing process. Sugarcane juice is essentially a mix of water and saccharose and it holds all the nutrients from sugarcane. It is a natural energy drink with electrolytes, antioxidants and complex carbohydrates which has a very low effect on sugar levels of blood.

There are numerous healthful advantages and medicative properties of this drink many of which are unknown to the people. It makes the abdomen, kidneys, digestive system, heart, eyes, and brain sturdy. The juice can be extremely useful in case of weak teeth by providing a form of exercise to the teeth and makes them sturdy. It additionally helps keep the teeth clean and increasing their life.This sweet, appetizing beverage is enjoyed in many cultures of the globe. In Pakistan, sugar cane juice has become a popular ingredient at local juice vendors. This is definitely because of the sweetness it saturates in juice mixtures without the loss of processed sugars which might be harmful to the body.History and Background:The origin of the sugarcane juice consumption is linked to the exploration of the sugarcane.

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About 195 countries grow the crop to produce 1.5 billion tonnes. The world’s largest producer of sugar cane out and away is Brazil followed by India. Uses of sugar cane include the production of sugar, sugarcane juice, Falernum, molasses, rum, soda, and ethanol for fuel. Sugarcane is grown in Pakistan from the past times attributed to the mighty river Indus and its tributaries.

The region, referred to as Indus valley civilization historically had the knowledge of sugarcane production and also the extraction of juice. Traditionally sugarcane juice and pealed sugarcane cut in small pieces for chewing is used round the year.Sugarcane Production in Pakistan:Sugarcane juice is greatly appreciated in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh and Punjab, where the sugarcane culture has always been dominant, not only due to its flavor, but also because of its great energy worth. Pakistan captures a vital position among the countries which produce sugarcane.

It is on fifth position in sugarcane production. Area and Cane yield of some cane producing countries is given in the following table:Sugarcane production trends:Sugarcane is grown on an area of more or less million hectares in Pakistan. The Punjab shares 62%, Sindh 26% and N.

W.F.P. shares 16% of the entire area. The national average cane yield is 47 t ha-1.Sindh with 53 t ha-1 is the chief province followed by N.W.

F.P. (45 t ha-1) and Punjab (40 t ha-1).Cane yield potential of some commercial sugarcane varieties in the country:


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