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Last updated: February 16, 2019

INTRODUCTION: This world has now become a smaller place and with web the portfolio we carry out has enhanced in every sector possible. Web promotion actually means promoting the website to increase the value which generally means increase in more traffics, views, user views and page views. In other words, web promotion is a unique process of promoting a website on the global platform of Internet and marketing the products and services to online buyers via various avenues. Nowadays, almost all the businesses and services make maximum use of web technology which results in gaining a positive outcome in their personal business. In order to grow the business and make the most out of it, marketing and promoting a website is very necessary. Internet is an unstoppable trend these days. Even having a traditional “brick and mortar” business, we may lose potential customers.

People usually search for the business on the web, as online advertisement is cheap these days. Here are some of the potential outcomes of website promotions: The website increases creditability among customers. Having a massive increase in technology, online business and marketing yields in huge sales and revenue opportunity. It is cost effective Having a website opens an ease of convenience to the customers. The website will promote any business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week despite of any geographical locations. THE TECHNIQUES and ANALYSIS: According to the survey conducted form 2000-2018 in US, we can analyze that more than 90% of the adults are using internet which proves that the growing population makes most use of internet. (Fig: Appendix 1). Among 90% of the people who visit the website leave without doing anything like buying, calling or signing up to a newsletter and once they are gone we have lost our chance to market to them in the future.

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But saying that are we getting the needed outcomes while marketing the website and web applications? 3.1 Possible techniques in marketing/MONITORING a website a. Adding of CALL TO ACTION button Adding of this button on the home page or better still at the end of any homepage helps in signing up for the offers and giveaways where we can achieve a lead capture and get the users to sign-up.

We can now start a dialogue with the customers. (Fig: appendix 2) b. Setting up AUTO RESPONDER EMAIL: Adding of pre-written responding of emails definitely helps in enhancing the user-experience and the closeness between the user and the business owner. While any user signs up they can get an emails at a pre-determined intervals offering more value overtime. (Fig Appendix 3) c. Effective CONTENT WRITING Writing effective content is probably the most important of all internet marketing strategies. These content writing techniques should be used for scripts, blog articles, emails and direct mail marketing. This helps in making the reader or the viewer more involved.

Also, keeping the contents free from spelling and grammatical errors yields in gaining more valuable customers in identifying the pain points.(Appendix 4) d. DELETING THE UNNECESSARY PAGES in your website Being a user, it’s really frustrating if the webpage takes maximum time to load, In order to make the less time to load, the pages plays a vital role.

Usually a page contains informations whether in the form of any contents or video and any unnecessary or less necessary contents are better if deleted as it enhances the page load time. d. Use of ONLINE VIDEO TUTORIALS It might not be any astonishing to find that, YouTube is the world’s 3rd most visited website. Around 80% of the people watch a website video, compared to 20% reading same content online. Just by adding video to each of your website pages increase the effectiveness. It also helps in providing the complete walkthrough of your website. This feature would be really helpful for everyone as people from all the age groups do not necessarily understand each contents explained.

e. Use of GOOGLE KEYWORDS TOOL One must understand the user behavior and research to find out what people are searching for. We can also use some of the keyword research tools like Google ad words, …..This way we can get more traffics.(Fig: appendix 5) f. Understand the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION There are over 130 million registered websites out there on the internet, to sort through all of it most of us rely on search engines to find what we want.

When we search something on Google we get back a lot of results indicating what we are actually looking for. But as explained by GOOGLE only 63% of the people follow the golden triangle principle of clicking only the first three links. This is why optimizing is necessary. Page rank plays a vital role by tracking all the words in webpages.(Fig: appendix 6) g. Manage the DATABASE PERFORMANCE Use of database in a website is very common. Another usually common thing is the maximum load time of webpages and run time of the queries fetched from database. It is highly important to monitor the response time for database queries 3.

2 Analysis One of the popular e-commerce website, was taken as an example. This was an online e-commerce website that gets over 10,000 views in a day. However, the website needs to improve on few factors.

Like, adding of the ‘call to action’ button and the online YouTube help feature is missing. Even though the best part of the website is the auto-responding mail feature and I was also impressed by the loading time of the database. Reflection and Conclusion: This report provided me with a great virtue in my student career.

On the previous assignments submitted I tried implementing certain features and was well graded. Here are some proofs as a reflection to my repots. (Appendix 7-10).

In conclusion, Web plays vital role making the biggest breakthrough in creating this world a small place. As a result, promoting a website and monitoring user behavior is an essential part in real-world.


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