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Surah Al-Fatihah is the first surah of Holy Quran which was reveald on Holy Prophet(S.A.W) in the city of Mecca(Makkah).This Surah is recited by muslims in every salah(Namaz) without this surah salah is incomplete.This surah means “the opening”.Its literal meaning is “that which is often recited”.It consist of seven(7) verses which have full guidance and blessing for us.The importance of this can be visualize by that this surah is compulsory in every salah.Its mean this surah is the summary of whole Quran.As it is the very first surah of holy quran so it is given many names such as Al-Kitab, Al-Huda , Al-Dhikr, Al-Bayan, Al-Furqan,Al-Tanzil, Al-Hikmat.

The theme of this surah is that Allah has asked his mens to workship him and ask guidance from him.We should have firm and strong belive in our Lord who is our Master,Guider,Substainer, Sovereign,Ruler of Islam requrier every thing to be asked from Allah which enable us to be far from bad deeds.. He is the supreme Justice and everybody will have to answer him on the day of Judgement for his worldly deeds. When believers implore for the straight path, He always showers blessings on them and protects them from going astray. “And your Lord said: Call Me, I will respond to your supplication.”

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Virtues of Surah Al-Fatihah:
There are many virtues of with this Surah;

2) It is a pillar of the prayer;
The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said that:
“Whoever does not recite Surah Al Fatihah in his prayer, his prayer is invalid”.
3) Hazrat Abu Saeed al-Khudri(RA) said:
Once we were having a journey while we were passing a men came to us and said that our king is suffering from scorpion bite if you will cure him we can give you something in return,So I went with him and i recited Surah Al-Fatiha and his diease was cured.As in returned they were given some sheeps.
When this topic was discussed by holy prophet so he asked why you only recite Surah Al-Fatiha so he told that he only knew it and as a result whole quran in cure for us.

Tafseer of verses of Surah Al-Fatihah:
Surah Al-Fatihah start with In the Name of Allah (SWT) known as Bismillah.
1) In the Name ofAllah (SWT):
Its first Ayat is “in the name of Allah the most Benifical the Most Mercifull.”
It is recited before doing any work or action.
2)Al Hamdulillah:
Alhamdulillah, also known as Tahmid .Which meaning “praise be to the Lord”, and translated as “thank Lord!”.
3) Meaning of Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem:
These are the names and atributes given to Allah that he is very Rehman and Raheem on his peoples.These words are orinated from man and emm which mean he is very mercyfull. This is why Allah says: “Call upon Allah or call upon al-Rahman; by whichever name you call upon Him, to Him belong the most excellent names.” Allah other names can be used as words to describe others: words like rahim (merciful), sami (hearing), and basir (seeing). About the Prophet (peace be upon him) Allah says: “With the believers he is gentle and merciful”.Allah says: “Verily We created the human being from a drop of mingled sperm and made him hearing (sami) and seeing (basir)”.
Another opinion is that the difference between them is that al-Rahman denotes the presence of the attribute of mercy, while al-Rahim refers to the expression of Allah’s Mercy and its affects on Creation. Based on this opinion, Allah is al-Rahman and al-Rahim with respect to both this world and the next And Allah knows best.
4)All Praised is by Allah:
In second ayat praised of allah almighty is being discussed that he is lord of all the world.
5) Verse 3:
Allah is the master and Mercy of the people and for the day of Judgment.He is the master and he will be all upon on us what we did in our lifes. We should therefore not allow ourselves to misled. We should always remember that he knows very well that what we are doing. We all know that Allah (SWT) has appointed “Karaman Katebeen” to write every good and bad deed of us. We should never be unaware of our existence. If someone did something wrong to you, he will surely be punished on the day of judgment as Allah is the best judge. Also, if someone is doing good deeds, he will be awarded for his struggles.

6)Verse 4:
When we workship in front of Allah Alimighty it is basically that we are demanding help from him for our life that please grant us his mercy and help on us for our lifes.Basically if we see this Surah Al-Faitha it is basically a dua for us that we says in front of Allah Almighty.d O’ Allah our worship, obedience, submission and devotion is for You alone, and we only serve You. O’ Allah we know that You are the Lord of the Universe and You have the power over everything, therefore, we only turn to You for help, for our needs and requirements.
Verse 5:
In this verse the guidance is being asked from Allaha that please guide us the right way and path to success in life today and for the day of judgment.We want to meet our lifes as for as Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W).Keep us the guidance for our betterment and keep us away from the sins and sinnerse of this world.We says that “OH My Lord we workship you and we seeks help and guidance from you”. We can only get lost in labyrinths of doubt and uncertainty due to lack of true knowledge. Let us hold firm to the straight path that Allah Almighty has opened up for us.
Verse 6:
In this verse the right path and right way has been asked from Allah that guide us the right path and right way from which we can seek the betterment of this world and the day of Judgment. The path of those upon whom you bestowed and not of those who have evoked and not of those who are astray.
Verse 7:
This verse has to be related with above verse 6.As before we has prayed god for guidance and betterment of our selfs.We have asked god for way to good deeds not to astray.Astray are those who are not in search of the truth. Those who have known what is right but their weaknesses have led them far away.In this last ayat we have to to a moral that who nows the right and truth but hides from world only gained Allah Anger because Allah bestowed him that thing but he did not so he should have anger just and after never hope of usefull things.And other who did not search for truth may should go to Astray.We pray from Allah to keep away from this type of person or people in life.

Impact of Surah Al-Fatihah on life of Muslim as servent of Allah:
Surah Al Fatihah is the important chapter of Holy Quran. The Surah Al fatahiah a chapter so important that Muslims cannot implore God without its recitation in each of the five daily prayers, is not only the beginning of the Qur’an but in a sense a summary of it.
Surah fatahia is the most important surah which help man to seeks guidance in his present life and the life day after tomorrow.This surah help man to change his life and ask guidance right way and success from god in his life basically. Surah al-Fatiha, “The Opening”, is the first chapter of the Holy Quran. Its seven verses are a prayer for God’s guidance, and stress Its lordship and mercy of God. This chapter has an essential role in daily prayers; being recited at least seventeen times a day, at the start of each unit of prayer .
The surah is described in various Hadith as “the mother of the Book” (Umm al-Kitab), and said to be the seven verses alluded to in Surah.”We have given thee seven of the opt-repeated (verses) and the great Quran.”
This surah has great effect on muslim life that goods attributes are discussed that our god is very praised and vey benifical on his peoples. His mercy and his belessing upon peoples is very helpful and useful in life of a muslim.He is master of all the world and as for as day of judgment he will forgive his sinner which enable muslim to work more hard to achive googd attributes from him.Muslim workship to him is seek of help and blessing to him which is highest way of success.guidance is for right and correct path and woy of life.and he forgive those to whome he give but they don’t give in return to the society. A wise Shaykh has said that since our Ruh (Spirit) has come from the heavens therefore the sustenance and food for our Ruh is also in the heavens. And so when we recite the seven verses of Surah Fatiha, we’re actually assisting our Ruh to spiritually transport itself through these seven heavens and bond itself with Allah (swt), Who is high, above and beyond these heavens. Since Fatiha means Opening, this Surah opens the door for our Ruh to begin its spiritual journey, the goal of which is to connect itself with Allah (swt). Each verse of this Surah forms a step to cross each heaven thus by the time we have recited all seven verses with full concentration of heart and mind, we should be able to experience a communion and joy unlike any other.


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