Topic: Sports

Last updated: April 9, 2019

Introduction: Hello Miss P and 5/6P, my name is Ashish and today I’ll be answering about the importance of water in our lives.

Water is a very well-known element in our planet, it is 70 percent of a human body and covers 70 percent of Earth, it is essential for our bodies because if we don’t drink water for a whole week, there is a chance that we will perish. There are severe health issues if you are not drinking enough water. Water is very important in our daily lives for instance, washing and cooking etc.To kick things off, water is important for everyone’s health including animals, did you know drinking plenty of water is the best thing we can do to our bodies. It is important to our bodies especially kidneys because they require water to lead to them and its needs to constantly be pumping or else it will lead to kidney failure which can be quite gruesome. Other good benefits of water are blood pressure, healthy skin and so on. Consistently drinking water help the brain to focus and avoid headaches.

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In sports, keeping hydrated is crucial because it can make you alert and focused because n investigation showed that 85 percent of our brain is water so when water reached your brain its make your mood fresh and stress free.


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