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Last updated: March 16, 2019

Every single customer is an important to the business in competition market scenario. In every business focus on the operation and production management when to find the needs of the customers, the operation and production management involves to identify the needs of customers and the service process for the customer. At the time of identification the management ensures the business objective and further improvement of product near the future. At present of business-related functions and the objective are support the Oman Pharmaceutical Products and get result with concentrate to the further improvements. Bettley (2013) find that the business project are planning to the customer needs with uses the resources in an effective manner to its product and services. The current business to select its operations and project management detail report of Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC (OPP). The companies are developed and promote local expertise in pharmaceutical industry in Sultanate of Oman. Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. was established in 2001 and serves the customers with quality medicines, Health and well-being of people and environment. The project main aim to select the topic related about the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. Cai (2015), find the software for customer relationship management function and its advantages and how to utilize the customers with this software. The CRM software introduce in the company main reason to get fast customer approach and find the result based on the customers issues with the help of software. Galloway (2014) found that the software tools along with the name of the customers, contact and communication details. Based on software the customer needs are identify with solved idea for their suggestions related to the products and services. The project study covers the area of phase of products, list of activity during the project period, work breakdown, Gannt chart, cost budget, quality planning with risk register.
The main aim of the project to introduce the customer relationship management software in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co.
– To CRM software introduction in OPP before the end of the year 2018.
– To use the CRM software and improve sales percentage by 25 percent end of the financial year 2019.
– To improve the customer relationship with the use of CRM software to reach by 30 percent during the year 2019.

1 Project Team Creation Top Management Develop a project team along with various departments’ managers and executives.
2 Identifying the needs Project Team Identifying the CRM needs at various functional levels in the company.
3 Data collection Project and Research ; Development team Collecting the data of the customers, suppliers, vendors, etc.
4 Documenting the CRM data Project team Collected data are documented for preparing a project plan.
5 Deriving CRM goals, objectives, and strategies Project and management team Developing project goal, vision, strategy, and objectives.
6 Finding people, processes, and technology Project team Contacting vendor, finalizing the technology, version, and processes.
7 Prototype design, test, modify and rollout IT and software development team Developing and customizing the software.
8 Designing and developing IT and software team Preparing contents, uploading customer data and design of the layout.
9 Testing CRM Testing team Testing the CRM software.
10 Risk assessment Management team Finding the faults, errors, and risk associated with CRM.
11 Implementation of CRM IT and software team Implementing and integrating CRM.
12 Evaluation of CRM IT team Analysis and assessing the CRM.

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The project of introducing CRM software in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. consists of different stages and deliverables. It is classified into various phase and each phase describes the processes of CRM software (Klassen, 2015). Effective planning of CRM enhances and develops the other functions of the business. The stages of CRM software development start from top-level management and to the bottom level management. The support and cooperation are needed at every stage for getting a success in the implementation process (Kumar, 2014).
Idea and Strategy
It is the first phase where the idea and strategy are derived from the development and introduction of CRM software. A project team is developed, and the requirements are collected to make a decision (Lewis, 2015). Data includes the client relationship, lead generations, service delivery, quality management, customer data, etc. The collected data are documented, and objectives are framed based on the existing data. Budget and timeframe is calculated for planning the activity and resources.
The resources are derived and used to prepare the plan for the success. Data’s which are needed to import, stored, quality of data and application are planned. The list of users, groups, and members are identified. The decision is taken on what bases the accessibility is provided to these members. A blueprint of the software is developed and sent to concerned CRM software developer. The fields of tracking data are identified for the successful reach of goals and objectives (Peters, 2015).
Development and Process
In this phase, the technology is finalized, and the development process is started for the effective progress of CRM system. Based on the blueprint the software is developed. In this phase, the application is integrated and the external data are given more importance for quality output in CRM software. The integration of CRM consists of email marketing, share point, web forms and e-commerce platforms. In the development phase, the focus is on the delivering the outcomes and user experience (Peters, 2015).
Measurement and Improvement
A performance indicator is processed during the development stage for measuring and calculating the CRM goals. Technology and application is an important one and these to evaluated and assessed time to time for getting good user and customer experience in CRM software. Staffs and employees are provided training on handling and using the CRM software (Yack, 2014).
PROJECT TIME MANAGEMENT: (Work breakdown structure)
Following work breakdown structure provides an outline of the task and stages that need for the effective implementation of CRM software. It allows the project manager of Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. to work based on the structure as well as to estimate the cost and time of the project.

1 Build the project team Finding the project members
Assigning job roles and responsibilities
2 Finding the needs Assessing the need
Conducting meeting
Assessing the need for CRM
3 Data collection Gathering the customer data
Finalizing the data to be included in CRM
4 Documenting the CRM data Recording the collected data
Consulting with the department managers
5 Deriving CRM goals, objectives, and strategies Planning customer touch point
Deciding on the channels
Developing CRM strategy and goals
6 Finding people, processes, and technology Meeting up with vendors
Getting quotation
Communicating with the management team
Finalizing the vendors
7 Prototype design, test, modify and rollout CRM proceedings
Designing prototype model
Testing the model
8 Designing and developing Designing the requirements
Creating Coding
9 Testing CRM Usability testing
Load testing
Browser testing
10 Risk assessment Assessing with the Risk model
Consulting with IT department
11 Implementation of CRM Getting approval from management
Implementation at the customer end
12 Evaluation of CRM Evaluating project outcome
Evaluating business outcome
Assessing performance
Modifying as per the feedbacks


1 Build the project team 3rd June 2018 10th June 2018 8 days
2 Finding the needs 14th June 2018 20th June 2018 7 days
3 Data collection 25th June 2018 4th July 2018 10 days
4 Documenting the CRM data 8th July 2018 15th July 2-18 39 days
5 Deriving CRM goals, objectives, and strategies 19th July 2018 30th July 2018 12 days
6 Finding people, processes, and technology 3rd August 2018 29th August 2018 27 days
7 Prototype design, test, modify and rollout 5th September 2018 23rd September 2018 19 days
8 Designing and developing 28th September 2018 16th October 2018 19 days
9 Testing CRM 23rd October 2018 2nd November 2018 11 days
10 Risk assessment 5th November 2018 10th November 2018 6 days
11 Implementation of CRM 13th November 2018 19th November 2018 7 days
12 Evaluation of CRM 23rd November 2018 30th November 2018 8 days


Project Gantt chart includes the information on milestones and time period of the projects. It last till the completion of the project (Lewis, 2015). With help of Gantt chart the accurate the duration of the activity and task are identified. The Gantt chart of introducing CRM software in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. are,

No Activity June 2018 July 2018 August 2018 September 2018 October 2018 November 2018
1 Build the project team xxx
2 Finding the needs xxx
3 Data collection xxx xxx
4 Documenting the CRM data xxx
5 Deriving CRM goals, objectives, and strategies xxx
6 Finding people, processes, and technology xxx
7 Prototype design, test, modify and rollout xxx
8 Designing and developing xxx xxx
9 Testing CRM xxx xxx
10 Risk assessment xxx
11 Implementation of CRM xxx
12 Evaluation of CRM xxx


Path 1 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+10+11+12 143 days
Path 2 1+2+3+4+5+6+8+9+10+11+12 154 days

The critical path that identified for this project is 154 days in the Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co.


A clear and depth cost analysis helps the Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC to plan the cost of the project with the tangible and intangible benefits. Before preparing the cost, project and Finance team has to know the exact Return on investment of CRM system (Peters, 2015). This supports them to show a clear idea of the budget cost preparation. Technology is an important one that decides the cost of the project. Selecting right technology to assist the Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC to accomplish the project in right manner. Following are the estimated budget cost for the introducing CRM software in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC (OPP).
No Activity Cost in OMR
1 Finding and documenting the CRM data 4,670
2 Server cost 2,300
3 CRM software licensing and maintenance support 4,500
4 EDI, database and Operating system 3,450
5 Hardware purchases and network upgrades 7,860
6 Designing and developing 2,560
7 Software integration 3,430
8 Testing and ongoing maintenance 2,350
9 Human resources cost 2,040
10 Another cost 4,390
Total Cost 37,550

The estimated budget cost for introducing the CRM software is 37,550 OMR in the Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC.


A quality plan is a record or document which includes the quality assurance, quality control testing procedure, control method, impact, etc. of the project. Manager of the quality testing team is in charge of documenting and ensuring that the quality test is attained in the project (Kumar, 2014). Quality is monitored and tested in the development stage as well as in final stage in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC.

Quality Test No Activity Testing Technique Reviewer Approver Inception Date Outcome
001 Performance testing Manual Nabeel Vasim 23/10/2018 Passed
002 Browser testing Manual Omeed Daamin 02/11/2018 Passed
003 Speed testing Network Master Kadeem Nabhan 17/11/2018 Passed
004 Usability Testing Qualaroo Ormazd kahul 23/11/2018 Passed
005 Security testing Manual Dameer kaleem 29/11/2018 Passed


Finding the hazards in the project supports to enhance the effectiveness of the CRM software. Failure in identifying the risk threatens more on the implementation.
Project name Introducing CRM software in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC
Draft/final December 2018

Owner Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC
Client AGT solutions
Document Number Aw234

ID Description Impact Reviewer Date Identified Date last updated Level of Risk Current Status
1 Inaccurate data Customer dissatisfaction Isfaar 24/11/2018 30/11/2018 High In progress
2 System integration Transfer of wrong data Fakhr 26/11/2018 28/11/2018 High In Progress
3 Web dependency Loss of investment and customer satisfaction Faiza 28/11/2018 15/12/2018 High Completed
4 Over automation Reduces the customer interaction Ishaaq 08/12/2018 14/12/2018 High Completed
5 Lack of resources Delays the projects Qazim 09/12/2018 11/12/2018 Low Completed


Introducing CRM software in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC benefits the organization in many ways. The above project planning supports the Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC to create develop and implement CRM software effectively. Planned activity list and work breakdown structure assist the project manager to assign the job roles and reasonability to the respective person. The estimated budget provides a clear view of the Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC before initiating and supports for proper planning of budget to accomplish the project in derived cost. The quality plan ensures that the software is free from errors and quality issues. The risks associated with the project are found and the necessary actions are taken to reduce the impact of the project. The successful implementation of CRM software produces a positive return on the CRM and produces a great impact on the customer in Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. LLC

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