Topic: SciencesStatistics

Last updated: February 6, 2019

Introduction: The nicotine absorption through mucous membrane is directly proportional to pH, so the snuff is buffered to pH of 8-9 by adding sodium carbonate.8 The objective of the present study is to assess the impact of various forms of sodium carbonate in snuff on mucosal conditions Methodology : The present crosssectional was conducted on 284 participants. Snuff users adding sodiumcarbonate were further splitted into two groups i.

e one group using sodiumcarbonate in premixed form ie (already mixed within pouches) and other group adding sodiumcarbonate seperately (freshly mixed). The parametric One way (ANOVA) of variance, Stepwise Regression Analysis and Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis has been done to narrate the relationship between variables of different forms of sodium carbonate in snuff and different oral conditions Results: The statistics of our study reveals highly significant relationship between snuff users using sodium carbonate in freshly mixed (0.001**) form than that of premixed form(p=0.030*). Conclusion: The present study narrates that there seems to be liason between the use of sodium carbonate in snuff and oral mucosal lesions.Key words – smokeless tobacco, snuff, sodiumcarbonate, Oral mucosal lesions.

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