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1 BackgroundUnilever is a British-Dutch multinational purchaser products organization. The headquarters of Unilever are in London, United Kingdom and Rotterdam, Netherlands. The main products that manufacture by Unilever are food, drinks, cleaning agents and individual care products.

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For examples, Magnum ice cream, Dove shampoo, Rexona and Vaseline. It is the world’s biggest organization which produces consumer products and is likewise the world’s biggest manufacturer of food spreads, for example, margarine. Unilever is one of the most worthy company in Europe and also one of the oldest transnational organization.

Its products are obtainable in around 190 countries. It is a dual-listed company that based in London and also in Rotterdam but Unilever made their global headquarters in Rotterdam. The two companies operate as a single business but with a mutual board of directors. Unilever – Wikipedia, n.d.1.2 ObjectivesThe objectives of Unilever is to make continuous improvements in the management of the environmental impact and to develop a sustainable business for their long-term goals.

Unilever is leading their activities with uprightness and with deference for the numerous individuals, associations and conditions their business contacts have dependably been at the core of their corporate obligation. Unilever plans to have a constructive outcome from various perspectives: through their brands, business activities and connections, through deliberate commitments, and through the different manners by which they draw in with society. They are likewise dedicated to consistently enhancing the way they deal with the ecological effects and are working towards their more drawn out term objective of building up a practical business. Unilever Malaysia, n.d.1.3 Vision and MissionUnilever’s vision is “to make sustainable living commonplace.

We believe this is the best long-term way for our business to grow.” This vision statement emphasizes on sustainability, especially among consumers. Commonplace sustainable living, best long-term way, business growth are notable in Unilever’s vision statement.

Panmore Institute, February 21,2017Unilever’s mission is “to add vitality to life. We meet every day needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.” This statement of purpose highlight how the organization fulfils customers in different parts of their lives. Adding imperativeness to life, addressing ordinary requirements for sustenance, cleanliness, and individual care, helping individuals can rest easy, look great, and get more out of life are the huge segments in Unilever’s statement of mission.

Panmore Institute, February 21, 20171.4 MottoUnilever has long held the slogan “Feel good, look good, and get more out of life”. This slogan related to the company’s extremely broad product portfolio, which includes Rexona, Hellmann’s, Axe, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, and Vaseline. Dan Moskowitz, November 2, 20133.1 Productleft18351500The product that we would like to talk about is Rexona.

Rexona is one of the brand that under Unilever Company and the products of Rexona are deodorant and antiperspirant products. Rexona products is designed to deliver antiperspirant protection on both the way you sweat when you are hot and when you are anxious or stressed. Rexona help to keep physically fresh and mentally confident even in the toughest moments. Unilever global company website, n.d. Rexona is a shopping product that is not a daily necessity in a family and for personal use. By the way, Rexona products included two categories which are for men and women. There are varies of products under the categories.

Below is the packaging of the products depending different categories.3968750444500 533400164465  22542505080Image 3.1a Rexona Men Products       793750-32194500center247650370205057150Image 3.1b Rexona Women ProductsImages above search from Google.Brand strategyRexona produces high quality and various products for consumers based on different customer’s needs. All of their products are selling at affordable prices with various packaging. The products of Rexona can keep consumer clean, dry and fresh every day.

For the people who are having sweaty or smelly body and always feel embarrassing in public, Rexona products can easily help them to solve these kind of problems by giving them a good body odor.Rexona expand their market share through distinctive flavours and packaging by separate their products into two categories which are for men and women. Rexona produces different types of packaging so that it can satisfy the customers from different needs.

Rexona defeat the rivalry successfully by advancing further categories and deliver immediate result to customers. Katherine Aiche, June 20, 2012center1727200Image 3.1c Rexona Women Spray Series (Cotton dry, shower clean, powder dry, free spirit, passion, advanced whitening and invisible dry black + white)center0Image 3.1d  Rexona Roll On Women Series (Shower clean, powder dry, free spirit, passion, advanced whitening and invisible dry black+white)Images above search from Google.3.

2 PriceRexona product is considered shopping goods and the price is affordable regardless of any level of individual income. The pricing strategy of Rexona product is market-penetration pricing which is high quality and low price. Rexona products set a low initial price in order to penetrate the market quickly and deeply to attract a large number of consumers quickly to gain market share.

So, set a low price can let more people knows and uses Rexona products, on the side to increase the sales of the products. From the comparison table below, we will found that Rexona products are affordable than other brands such as Nivea and Dove.REXONA VSVS CompetitorsProduct Image Price Product Image PriceREXONA Women Advance Whitening Roll On Deodorant 50ml RM 7.65NIVEA Visage Deodorant Extra Whitening Roll On 50ML RM 10.66REXONA Women Deodorant Spray Whitening 150ML RM 13.70DOVE Ultimate White Spray Deodorant 150 ml RM 16.

51The prices above based on Lazada website.3.3 PlaceRexona do not have any retail stores in Malaysia. It outsourced its distribution process to various third party distributors. After that, these distributors supply the products to the market. Besides that, Rexona’s products are selling online and at many different retails in Malaysia so that we can easily found Rexona products which brings convenient for customers.

The examples of retails are Watsons and Guardian. Image 3.3a Rexona sells at Watsons.

Image 3.3b Rexona sells at Guardian.3.4 PromotionRexona deodorant products use television as the media of advertising. The large number of the advertisement can attract the customers’ attention. Rexona promotes itself by providing new advertisements and making its customer aware of its new product. One of the promotion of Rexona is the campaign for Rexona Women “Powder dry”. Rexona “Powder dry” antiperspirants were made by the interesting recipe with miniaturized scale powder.

It in a flash gets dry on the skin and does not leave the offensive sticky sensation. A female dancer was picked as the key visual. It is light and delicate however passionate and splendid in the meantime. The picture effortlessly embraces and works incredibly on various bearers.Depot WPF, April 29, 2015Image 3.

4a Rexona Women Power Dry promotion campaign.Prompting the fervour to develop of the 2013 Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix, commonly recognized names Clear and Rexona united to change Mid Valley Megamall’s concourse region into a motorsport party. The buyer roadshow allowed the general population to become more acquainted with the two brands as they participated in a progression of experiential exercises, for example, the Clear scalp test and the Rexona sweat test. Our business advancement system was absolutely fun, adrenaline-pumping treats, including an open door for customers to test their driving aptitudes in Formula 1 dashing auto test systems. Scores were refreshed day by day on a continuous LED leader board and toward the finish of the roadshow crusade, the speediest driver with the best score won a couple of Grandstand tickets to the 2013 F1 Malaysian Grand Prix. There was additionally a photograph opportunity with a stylish racing queen that was available amid the roadshow in a dashing coat and-dress outfit.

Last but not least was the chance to win the huge prize, a pair of Grandstand tickets and complimentary flight with accommodation to the famous F1 Grand Prix in Monaco.At event quest, n.d.Image 3.

4b Clear and Rexona F1 campaign.Moving is something good however moving can cause sweat and awkward body odor. Rexona collaborated with brand ambassador Scha Alyahya and campaign endorsers, Nabil Ahmad and Jihan Muse to spread the “Rexona Fresh Move Campaign” through a progression of entertaining and instructive videos that elucidate the more you move, the more it secures! The “Rexona Fresh Move Campaign” advocates a functioning way of life and plan to resuscitate the excited soul among the adolescent in Malaysia by driving the youths to continue moving and remain new. To motivate youngsters to accomplish more and not to fear sweat and body odor, the “Rexona Fresh Move Campaign” stars Rexona’s first-since brand ambassador– Scha Alyahya. Three Rexona Fresh Move digital videos played by Scha and two famous notables – Nabil Ahmad and Jihan Muse were rolled out in July this year alongside with a digital challenge. The consumers were encouraged to partake in the Rexona Fresh Move Campaign by presenting their own one of a kind Fresh Move videos to win alluring prizes throughout the contest.Unilever Malaysia, n.d.

Image 3.4c Rexona Fresh Move Campaign.ReferencesUnilever – Wikipedia. 2018. Unilever – Wikipedia. ONLINE Available at: https://en. Accessed 26 May 2018.Unilever Malaysia.

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 10 Step Marketing Plan For Rexona 1. ONLINE Available at: Accessed 28 May 2018.Unilever has launched a promotion campaign for REXONA Women «Powder dry».

2018. Unilever has launched a promotion campaign for REXONA Women «Powder dry». ONLINE Available at:

Accessed 17 June 2018.At Event Quest. 2018. Clear ; Rexona F1 Campaign – At Event Quest. ONLINE Available at: Accessed 17 June 2018.

Unilever Malaysia. 2018. Rexona fresh move campaign | News | Unilever Malaysia. ONLINE Available at: https://www.

html. Accessed 17 June 2018.


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