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Last updated: December 21, 2019

Intro (Chase)
Formally known for creating the first office fax machine, Ricoh Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of Ricoh Americas Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Ricoh Canada has over 2,400 employees throughout the country. Their parent company, Ricoh Canada Ltd., is an international leader in the digital imaging and document management industry. Similarly, Ricoh Canada prides themselves on delivering products, services, and solutions to help companies make the most of their information. Some of their products include office printing and imaging equipment, IT and technical support services, production print solutions, and document workflow solutions. The “Ricoh Way” is something they strive to live out everyday, loving your neighbor, your country, and your work. This helps them successfully commit to providing excellence to improve the quality of living, and to drive sustainability. Today, Ricoh Canada is driven by information mobility, which is the ability to capture, manage, access, and use the information you need, to drive the results you want.

(2) Industry Challenges
-Global Outlook of Economic Characteristics
The global nature of the industry’s economic characteristics does present unique challenges to Ricoh when considering its role in the international marketspace. With their shift to

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-Currency Challenges/Suggestions
Ricoh Company, LTD. may want to be careful when hedging the Canadian dollar against the Japanese yen and American dollar, as from an economic perspective, Canada has been suffering from a weak economy and poor GDP growth. Several factors, including low oil prices, have been causing turmoil


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