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” Interesting facts ” Interesting facts about lakes 1. One of the most lacustrine countries in the world is Finland: they occupy a tenth of the area of its territory. The lake may not necessarily consist of water. In Trinidad, Venezuela and California, there are active reservoirs in which liquid resins are contained and produced. In Trinidad and Tobago, this mass is used for paving as asphalt pavement. 2.

The highest mountain lake is Titicaca. The natural reservoir, belonging to the Andean mountain system, rises almost 3900 meters above the surface of the earth. Virtually all Texas lakes are artificial. 3. The only exception is Caddo Lake – the only natural, not created by the hands of man. The ancestors of the inhabitants of Minnesota did not particularly think about toponymic issues. 201 the lake in this American state is called “Dirt”, more than 150 lakes are called “Long”.

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4. The Bolivian lake Laguna Colorado has a color unusual for the natural reservoir. Such a shade of water attached to them contained algae.

Plants attract not only tourists, but also flamingo birds who have chosen this place. They love flamingos and another unusual place – the Kenyan Nakuru. It is famous for the abundant flowering of blue-green algae, which are also popular with these birds. Lake Laguna Colorado Despite the fact that the Dead Sea is called the sea, in reality it is a lake. Its water system is completely closed.

5. In Canada, and specifically – near the town of Osoyos, there is a spotted lake. This name was given to the reservoir because it melts completely in the summer, and when it dries, it leaves a circular divorce in the pool. These spots are traces of elements of the Mendeleev table present in the water. And if you say its name in the Indian, Klikuk, is the world’s richest mineral lake.6.

On Flores volcano in Indonesia, in the immediate vicinity of each other are three lakes, located in the craters. One has a characteristic green color, the second is red, the third is black. Residents of neighboring villages associate the color of the waters in these lakes with the souls of the dead tribesmen, although the chemical composition of the water causes the unusual coloring. Especially bright the water surface plays with flowers in the mornings, in the rays of the rising sunThe famous Dead Sea would be worth calling the Dead Lake, since, strictly speaking, it is – its hydrosphere is completely closed.7. Very noteworthy is one mountain lake located in Austria called Grüner (see interesting facts about Austria ). Usually its depth does not exceed a couple of meters, but in the spring because of the melting of the snow its level rises for another ten meters, flooding the surrounding park with trees, benches and everything else. It is in the springtime that divers from all over the world like to swim in the waters of Gruner.

8. In Indonesia, there is an unusual complex of three nearby lakes. One of them has turquoise water, the second – red, the third – black. This is due to the presence in the lake waters of a large number of various products of volcanic activity, since these lakes are located in the craters of the volcano.9. In Australia there is Lake Hiller, remarkable for its pink water.

And the reason for this strangeness has not yet been established.


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