Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks is a company that owns and sells fruit smoothies in the various supermarkets, coffee shops and other retailer across the world. Innocent Drinks are very prominent in the Irish markets to provide people with a healthy nutritious drinks which is 100% natural pure fruit juice. Over the past decade Innocent drinks has won many awards for their outstanding products quality and design.

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The manufacturing of Innocent Drinks first began in 1998 when the original owners Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright began selling their smoothies at a music festival in London (Innocent – Little Tasty Drinks, 2018). The owners decided that they would create a poll to whether they should quit their jobs entirely and focus on their company Innocent Drinks. Outside their stall the owners set up two bins one saying yes and the other saying no too whether they should take their company to the next level. By the end of the festival the yes bin was full with only three cups in the no bin (, 2010). The following week they owners resigned from their jobs beginning what is now an established company that is owned by The Coca Cola Company (Neate, 2013).

Innocent Smoothies packaging is simple yet quirky and it reflects the Innocents brands name. the company has a halo design which signifies the purity of the product. The smoothie fruit juice is 100% natural fruit juice (Innocent – Little Tasty Drinks,2018).The company uses bright colours and this represented in the copy print which is often the same colour as the fruit juice. The company breaks many category rules in its unique approach. The company information is explained in a fun, story like format on the back of the bottle which adds to the uniqueness of the product. The products packaging is also recycle and reusable which benefits and is often reflected in the brands name (, 2016).

Innocent drinks has a very clear brand positioning, often targeting adults and children (The Drum, 2016). The companies aim is to provide a product that are naturally healthy and philosophy wanting to make it easier for people to do themselves some good. The brands personality is reflected in the brands image as based on being passionate, friendly and natural. The company thrive on their brand credentials, the company is strong on using their green energy at their headquarters, carefully sourcing their ingredients carefully and have recently created their first 100% compostable smoothie bottles made from corn starch (Chadwick, 2016).

Brand Name & Image
Innocent brands name reflects the purity of the smoothie content, supporting the idea that there is no artificial ingredients or perseverative. Innocent drinks are quirky, appealing and eye catching representing there interesting brand image. The brands image is supported by its natural colours which reflects the simple and natural approach (Love Design Logo, 2012). Innocent smoothies aim is to give back with at least 10% of their profits go to charity, reflecting its loyal brand image. one of the products unique selling point is its brand image and its ownership with coca cola company. The Coca Cola company, received a lot of criticism in the past for not making healthier alternative products available. The company’s ownership

Innocents’ approach to its brand marketing has been very successful. In 2007 Mc Donald’s signed a deal with Innocent fruit smoothies to sell their kids products ( The deal with Mc Donald’s benefited the company due to the popularity of the multinational fast-food chain, catching the eyes of parents and children across the world, looking for the “healthier alternative”. Innocent markets their products by creating fun, colourful advertisement that are displayed on various billboards around major cities in the world. The company’s strategy in their marketing of their products is by introducing their family of fruit juices. The advertisements not only display one product but an array of products that they have on the market from their fruit pots, children’s smoothies, large sized family products (Roderick, 2016). Each advertisement uses emotion and also has a strong focus on how they company gives back to the environment and the people in the communities. There new strategy, “taste good, does good” aims to highlight the taste of its smoothies and drinks along with a message that 10% of the profits are given to charity.

Over the past three years, Innocent Drinks began a marketing campaign, “The Innocent Big Knit”. This campaign was to raise awareness for Age Action Ireland. The company aimed for people all around the country to get involved in the big knit for innocent. They agreed that for every, behatted shop sold instore across the nation, they would donate 25% to Age Action Ireland.


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