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Initially, Rosaura is a very stubborn and obstinate child towards her mother because her mother didn’t give her permission to attend her friend’s birthday party. In the beginning, she expresses her emotions and attitude as always wanting to be right. The narrator shows her thought process that she “wouldn’t have liked to admit” (pg 1) that her mother is right. This really brings out he reality and shows the reader that she is conceited. Furthermore, Rosaura comes out as a nine year old girl with a lot of attitude. Her mother was questioning her as to why she wanted to “attend the rich people party” (pg 1) and she replied with “because I’ve been invited” (pg 1). This conversation between Luciana and Rosaura is a obvious hint from the reader that it won’t turn out the way she wants and is clearly foreshadowing the future consequences. To add on, “Rosaura admired herself in the mirror, with her white dress” the colour white is purposely chosen to emphasize the purity and innocence in her soul.

Additionally, her mother tries to warn Rosaura to not go because her mother understands that it is only a rich people’s party, while Rosaura is blinded of her mother’s protection against humiliation. The narrator clearly states “Rosaura’s mother did the cleaning” (pg 1) which is trying to highlight the different social classes between both groups. Rosaura doesn’t understand that she doesn’t fit in with them. With this being said to support her need of going, her mother surrenders and gives her permission to attend Luciana’s birthday party.However, Rosaura faces many challenges and tests and trials at the birthday party. When she arrives at the party, the girl with the bow starts to ask about her and Luciana’s friendship. Rosaura then explains that they are very close friends and they do their homework together.

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The girl then replies with “That’s not being friends” (pg 2) and at that moment, Rosaura doesn’t question her. Instead, she second guesses herself as the reader knows the girl with a bow is correct. Throughout the story, Senora Ines asks Rosaura to help her around the house. To add, Rosaura innocence out plays her and makes her believe it’s because “she doesn’t have butter fingers” (pg 2) and because “she knew the house so well” (pg 2) . The narrator uses this dramatic irony to enforce the truth behind Senora Ines asking for help, but Rosaura seems to to comprehend.

Near the end of the story, when Rosaura’s mother comes to pick her up, Senora Ines asks them to wait outside for a bit while she gets something. Rosaura’s mother in concerned, but Rosaura assures her mother as she’s “getting presents for those who leave” (pg 3). Rosaura doesn’t realize the fact that she wasn’t “worthy” of a present. She is not Luciana’s friend, but simply, her maid’s daughter. The story foreshadows these events very clearly, to clarify the thoughts through the reader’s mind as well as the characters.


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