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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Information system concepts are quite important as they help business operations run effectively and efficiently. In this regard, to make organizations run smoothly once they incorporate information system in their daily operations, the concept of information system quality is a fundamental aspect (O’Brien ; Marakas, 2010).

The quality of any system is dependent on time dimension which focuses on timeliness and frequency. Content dimensions involves the scope of information system, accuracy, completeness, performance, and relevance. Finally, form dimensions involves the concept of system clarity, presentation and details requirements. System quality is quite important and it is applicable in the industrial market when evaluating if all system requirements and specifications have been met. The quality of any information system should be demonstrated by the functional aspect of the system (Sein et al, 2011). Specifically, it should be able to execute error free, on timely manner and give desirable results. The next concept is information system testing and security.

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Security of the system is important because it measures how organizational data is secure and free from intrusion. Once system is developed and it has to be installed in organization for production, all necessary tests should be done to make sure it is secure and free from errors (Jamrich, 2017). In regard to system security, all measures should be taken to secure organizational data.

Information system security concepts can be applied in industrial market to monitor security of organizational data (O’Brien & Marakas, 2010). The test has to be done before system is installed for production purpose in the company in order to evaluate required system security.


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