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Last updated: October 27, 2019

Information being communicated from one person to another loses its ability to be understood when communication barriers are present, which becomes ineffective and not understood.

Barriers of communication can be very varied and differ from person to person, that’s why it is import to establish the best method for each person to facilitate their communication needs, on an individual basis and not to make assumptions.Barriers are not always visible to see, but still need to be identified so communication is continuously effective, making sure all information is full understood.These barriers can be a single item of inefficiency or a combination of these key barrier areas:Cultural differences and context, Understanding of information communicated, Timing and place of information given, Social context which is used in exchanging of communication, noises and distractions, physical context relating to the environments and the well being of the patient.These cover a wide variety of barriers to effective communication under each section and each can have detrimental effect on understanding.

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