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INFORMAL SPEECH OUTLINEOnline ShoppingGeneral purpose: To inform audience about online shopping.

Specific purpose: We would like to inform the audience about the advantages, disadvantage and some guidelines of online shopping.Thesis statement: We want to inform the audience about the advantages of online shopping such as convenient for people to make purchases and non-pressure shopping. Although online shopping is easy to us when buying things, it also has the disadvantage such as we would not know the quality of the real product. We also want to introduce some guidelines to all of you as references. INTRODUCTIONI. Attention getter: We are going to talk about something that is essential to all of us. Try to think, do anyone of you has purchased things online recently? A.

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Most of us prefer to shop on online rather than in-store. B. But do you know the disadvantage of online shopping besides the advantage of online shopping? II. Listener relevance: According to the 19 Ecommerce Trends +147 Online Shopping Stats Fuelling Sales Growth in 2018, online shopping trends by generation. III. Speaker credibility: In researching for this speech, we learned how online shopping influences our daily life.

IV. Thesis statement: Today we want to inform you the advantages of online shopping such as convenient for people to make purchases. Although online shopping is easy to us when buying things, it also has the disadvantage such as we would not know the quality of the real product. We also want to introduce some guidelines to all of you as a reference. Transition: Let’s start by looking at advantages of online shopping.BODYAdvantagesI.

First and foremost, one of the advantages of online shopping is convenient for people to buy things especially for those who are busy in working. A) Online shopping allows us to do comparisons effectively.a) The online shoppers could do the brand and price comparison which secure a good bargain from hundreds of vendors.b) They could give their honest review on their purchases.

B) The online shoppers would not face any problem of parking their vehicles in shopping malls especially in weekends or public holidays.a) The online shoppers are able to browse all products sold in the website and make purchases without being there physically. b) They do not need to stand in long queue at the cash counter to pay money as all payment could be done online.c) They could do their shopping 24 hours without restricted of the normal business hours.C) Online shopping is more easier than traditional shopping method.a) For example, the cost of transportation will be reduced if shoppers stay at home to consume product.

b) Next, online shoppers can buy products with a cheaper price. This is because sellers do not have to pay excess bills such as shop rental and electrical bills.Transition: Moreover, online shopping provides a non-pressure sale that are more preferred by public.II. Apart from that, having a non-pressure shopping time is undeniable as a pro of online shopping.A) Generally, when customers went into the shop, the sales representatives will try to influence the customers to buy the product. a) In this situation, it can be some kind of pressure.

b) Yet, online shoppers are not pressurized in anyway in online stores. B) Some sales representatives will follow the customers and stand beside them or keep looking at them when they entered the shop.a) Most of the customers will felt awkward and uncomfortable.b) For example, when you interested in a product and you start to look at it, the sales representative starts to explain the details and the price of the product.c) Due to this phenomenon, most of the customers will feel stress and they will feel disturbed.Transition: Now, let’s look at the disadvantage of online shopping. DisadvantageI. However, online shopping also brings disadvantage.

Online shoppers can only buy those products which are on the images they saw.A) Online shoppers wouldn’t know the quality of the real product. They will just buy it blindly.a) Online shoppers can only see the product by vision, but not by touching or feeling it.b) Therefore, the quality after the product arrived maybe will not be as good as the image shown on the website.B) Consumers couldn’t exchange the product that they have bought.

a) For example, the consumer bought a shirt which the size doesn’t fits him.b) The online seller wouldn’t exchange another size for him.c) However, if he shops physically, he could change the size that he wants with the paper receipt within the prescribed time.Transition: After inform you the advantages and disadvantage of online shopping, let’s talk about the guidelines for online shopping which can avoid you to get into trouble. Guidelines for online shoppingI.

Know your vendorA) Physical presence of the vendora) Essential to check the sellers’ proper contact details, postal address and phone number. b) Can get in touch if any problems. II. SafetyA) Use strong password a) Strong password is a sentence that is at least 12 characters long. b) Mixes of alphabets, numbers and symbols. B) Use safe payment optionsa) The safest option is credit cards. b) It allows buyers to seek a credit from the issuer whether the product isn’t delivered or isn’t what was ordered.C) Lock down your logina) The online accounts by enabling the strongest authentication tools available, such as biometrics, security keys or a unique one-time code through an app on your mobile device.

b) Your usernames and passwords are not enough to protect key accounts like email, banking and social media.III. Pages of online shoppingA) LazadaB) TaobaoC) 11 streetD) AmazonE) ShoppeeF) ShopBack a) It refers site where we can get cashback if we paying by credit cardb) Offers cashback for online shopping.c) It will give you cashback by sharing their referral commissionsd) Sometimes we can even get discounts from the retailer.G) Carousella) It is a website or apps which we can sell those things which we don’t want to use it anymoreb) A good app for students especially university’s student because we can earn some money by ourselves to buy some stuff so that we will not keep wanting money from our parents.Transition: Last but not least, after sharing these information, we hoped that you have a better understanding of how to be good at using online shopping. CONCLUSIONI.

Restatement of thesis: As we have seen, online shopping brings more advantages compare with disadvantage for the shoppers. II. Main point review: We have focused on advantages, disadvantage and guidelines of online shopping.III. Clincher: For the people nowadays, the online shopping is more convenient compare with the traditional shopping method.


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