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Last updated: October 4, 2019

Induction provide all the knowledge and information about the setting like policy and procedures, fire exit , introducing to staffs, where is the toy kept etc, without them i wouldn’t know how i should be working. Appraisal and development plan helps me to keep my skills and knowledge up to date by highlighting areas where i need to develop and planning how i will do this. Appraisal is an excellent opportunity for me to look at my performance.Regular supervision and observation helps to monitor myself how i am developing and achieving my target, where/how i need to improve my practice, what is going well or not, also helps to identify which training i need to attend to achieve my targets which has been set by my manager.

For example: recently my manager done a observation on my practice where she found out that i need to improve in my ECAT when talking with children. So she explained me that and gave me an handout to read, that means i gained knowledge and skill from that observation/monitoring. In my experience appraisal and supervision have had a positive effect on both my development as well as my relationship with my managers.

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It helps to put things in perspective and set clear achievable objectives that will have positive outcome for all.


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