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Last updated: March 3, 2019

Indira Goswami’s Thengphakhri: The Resurrection of a Bodo Legendary Figure
Dr. Anuradha ChaudhuriAssociate Professor, English
Lanka Mahavidyalaya, Lanka, HojaiContact No: 9435317678
E-mail ID: [email protected]
Professor Sivasish Biswas
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Assam University (Diphu Campus)
Contact No: 9678030757
E-mail ID: [email protected]
The resurrection of the Bodo legendary figure Thengphakhri Tehsildar from utter oblivion by Dr. Indira Goswami in her last novel The Bronze Sword of Thengphakhri Tehsildar has been a turning point in the process of consolidating the citadel of unity, integrity and solidarity of the state of Assam in particular and of the North-East in general as the region has been struggling immensely to face the stormy agitations, movements, violence and bloodshed, let loose by the secessionist and disintegrating forces over the years to dismantle the strong foundation of a rich socio-cultural history of Assam. Mamoni Baideu, as Indira Goswami or Mamoni Raisom Goswami is popularly known responds positively to the call of the day as she makes a sincere effort in focussing on and foregrounding the myths, legends, folklores and sagas of the marginalised communities of the state, a focal point of interest among the writers, scholars, academicians, and researchers in postcolonial era leading to unique literary creations and critical notions. Her sensitive and philanthropic heart prompts the author to invest her literary genius in bringing out the brilliant life, personality and achievements of lost heroes and heroines of the state belonging to diverse groups and fractions and Thengphakhri was definitely one of such wonderful discoveries on the part of the author. Relying on oral sources, Goswami tries to reconstruct Thengphakhri’s extraordinary life which has in turn given her an opportunity to touch upon the socio-political history of the Bodos, an indigenous Assamese tribe, whose lives have scarcely been chronicled. The present paper makes an attempt in critiquing the whole journey of Thengphakhri from a village girl to the first woman Tehsildar during the British regime in India to a rebel against the colonial excesses as delineated by Goswami in her work under consideration with a view to revisiting and recreating the past to see the unseen, hear the unheard of and explore the unexplored to give way to further critical thoughts on the lost and forgotten episodes of our history and civilization.

Key Words: Civilization, History, Legend, Postcolonial, Resurrection, Thengphakhri Tehsildar.

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