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Last updated: September 8, 2019

India Meteorological Department (IMD) is a nodal institution of Govermentr of India to provide weather forecasts to the nation and to issue warnings to natural disasters like cyclonic storms to other Departments / Public / other agencies to save human life and reduce the loss of property.

In addition the IMD briefs to visitors about meteorology and weather forecasting and familiarize them with the activities of Weather SectionThe IMD publishes various Weather Summary, Weekly Weather Report and India Daily Weather Reports on all India basis besides prepares seasonal weather summaries and storm accounts.` The important role is rainfall monitoring based on real time daily rainfall data, weekly districtwise, sub-divisionwise and statewise / seasonwise rainfall distribution summaries are prepared in the form of rainfall tables and maps.In additions, meteorological Services for aviation are provided for National and International flights for safe and efficient operationsThe IMD undertake research work on regular basis in the areas of Dry Farming, Soil moisture studies and crop pests and diseases and climate change with specific reference to agriculture in relation to weather.One of the significant task perfromed by the IMD is related to monitoring of Earthquake including information related to under-sea earthquakes capable of generating tsunamis on the Indian coastal regions which are disseminated to all concerned user agencies. The earthquake information is also transmitted to public information channels, press, media etc.

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