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Last updated: March 7, 2019

India has always been an epitome of diversity that cherishes and nurtures people from different religions, cultures and races. I too embrace that diversity and come from a religiously diverse family. As a go-getter and hard worker, I did well in high school. I still recall the time when, as a 9th grader, I had to convince my teachers to allow me to go a __ days’ Indo-German exchange program as I back then was in a different language class. This was important to me as I believed the exchange program would help me experience a new culture and would redefine my reaction to challenges. There were many challenges I faced with regards to a new language, a difference in ideologies and a unique German definition of hospitality. I paved my way through each of these challenges to form an identity of my own led by a sense of empathy with my German counterparts. Want to understand what you mean by this
My experience at engineering college was all about being adaptable and developing an analytical thought process which I feel has been instrumental in my success in not merely my academic pursuit following that, but also the professional career path I have chosen for myself. That mind-set was extremely useful during my first job in a small tech start-up. My job revolved around product development, digital marketing, managing human resources etc. I was exposed to multiple parts of the business and got constant access to leadership. At my current work place, EY, I work on analysing and predicting trends as a part of diligence work for merger and acquisition deals. In a span of about two years I have worked on advanced analytics projects requiring time series analysis, predictive modelling, and visualisation tools. Owing to my ability to meet deadlines and strong interpersonal skills with my colleagues and clients, I was soon entrusted with handling projects independently for which I was awarded and recognised by the senior management.
I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, an analyst, a Bollywood aficionado, among many other identities. I don’t find 100% commonality with the people that I meet, instead I am the only overlap between the groups of people that are usually in conflict with each other. As a PGP student at ISB, I strongly believe my diverse corporate background, ability to adapt to new environments and relate to people from different walks of life will help foster an environment where my fellow students & I can exchange differing ideas and perspectives in meaningful and positive ways.


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