Topic: Education

Last updated: July 1, 2019


Mass incarceration focuses on blacks from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Also, disparities in class, gender, and race further contribute to the high rate of mass incarcerations among African American men born in the 1970s and above. As indicated by Wagner and Rabuy (2016), class inequalities are a reflection of the low level of education for those in prison. Mass incarceration is concentrated among uneducated black men and some Latinos due to their ethnic background, level of education and stereotyping in the criminal justice system where it is believed these mentioned groups are likely to participate in illegal activities. As earlier mentioned, race, gender, and class are the significant determinants of mass incarceration, and social inequality and lack of education are the dominant variables.

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Mass incarceration is rampant in the American society. Both the variable and determinants of mass incarceration are the same in the American society across neighborhoods occupied by Black Americans. Coates (2015) indicates that most young black boys are provided education in urban school districts which offer low-quality education. This goes hand


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