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Last updated: April 2, 2019

In What ways can a Christian church help the local communityChristian Church can help by getting out in the community and. An stead they looking down on people. and stead there giving their local church members a handout. what about the local people that don’t have in thing. and they need help.

showing them that they care what happens to the community the church don’t really care about what the look green needs unless it’s the people that’s in the church why should it be that way African Americans have it hard in the local communities because nobody listens to what they need or want local Community Christian Church God loves people giving and not judging regardless of what sources that they have and what they have they charge might turn them down because the way that they are and how they dressed or what color they are Christian Church don’t really help unless the people go up there and be in the chapel there and most of all it sucks because you never know what people are in need they feel that they shouldn’t have too. that don’t go to her church to get help and it’s mostly African American cultures that don’t get help it’s hard life when you not really welcomed as an African-American and different charges or everywhere they’re not accepted early they are and so they look down on people especially the church’s most recently did this is the reason why I’m writing a paper about this because it is a big problem of the United States of America at the church and the USA people don’t understand that African-Americans should be equal the Christian White Lies is helping and not take stuff for granite but offering extended hand to help local community to help the community they have provided food shelters for people the role of the church is too rich worth and they provided historical or views of African-American church as a source of helping for the heart and ship and the individuals who wrote This Is by Robert W Kellman. Beyond The suffering 29 spiritually I was in my six years as a pastor of over delt government churches by 15 years in a full-time before I ever heard of spiritual correction it contains for several years I have been searching for a spiritual Direction resources that could be used to connect by African-Americans kind conversation to this unique Ministry the person that wrote this is 7 Kellman in Robert Lee on the suffering. even tho they are people helping you never what they’re going to what they mean sometimes it hurts person could just look just once in understand what they are going through.

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church don’t understand what there needing because they do ignore it because they’re not there a local community


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