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Last updated: March 7, 2019

In today’s world it is relatively easy for people to be judged before the facts are known. Teen mothers is a group that is highly judged by their peers, their classmates, their teachers, their family members, their parents, siblings, and even strangers. “There is no right age that makes anyone a better parents candidate than anyone else,” according to a social worker, William Jackson.

Although, there are many obstacles that comes along with being a teen parent, they are still entitled to a vigilant motherhood. Becoming a teen mother does not mean an individual may not overcome obstacles, learn responsibilities, or will be more driven to succeed despite statistics or being highly misjudged by society. Money and time are two vital things needed when having a baby. From a monetarily perspective raising a child is expensive.

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Both after and during pregnancy a teen may struggle to meet financial needs if they don’t have sufficient support. Many tend to find a job to cut expenses and a major dependence on the father, if still involved in the teen mother’s life. Juggling between school and a job can then lead to the mindset of dropping out. Consequently, some give up and drop out to work only, while others may become more motivated to finish school and still work.With or without support there are many programs/organizations dedicated to teen mothers, according to research. These programs may provide, counseling, mentoring, health-care, child-care, financial help, academic support, career preparation, and much more. Enrolling in these programs gives teen mothers a chance to develop motherhood skills and coping skills in what it takes to be a parent and to prepare for such role.

The statistics behind teenage pregnancy are quite attention-grabbing. The statistics found last week may be different to statistics found this week. So, it is best to never settle for any statistics found under teenage pregnancy. According to Office of Adolescent Health, about 77% of teen pregnancies are unplanned. In other words, they are unwanted or occurred “too soon.” It is said to be that the teen birth rates has declined continuously over the past 20 years, through research.

Nevertheless, the rates differ substantially by age, ethnicity, and region of the country. Not to racially discriminate, but “Hispanics currently have the highest birth rates. Since 2007, the teen birth has declined by 45% for Hispanics, compared with declines of 37% for blacks and 32% for whites.” A few more statistics found behind teenage pregnancy are: “30% of teens turn to abortion”, “60% of pregnancies ended in live birth”, “15% ends in miscarriages”, “3% turns to adoption”, “31% of teens are not using protection”, “10-20% of teenage mothers drop out”, “less than 33% of teen mothers earn their high school diploma”, and “1.5 teen moms have their college degree by ages 29-32.” Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, according to Google search engine. Many people say that there is nothing good about teen pregnancy, in which that is a self-based opinion. No common teen is ready physically, mentally, nor verbally for a baby.

Some teen mothers grow and develop a bond that they weren’t provided as a child with their newborn. They also learn maturity and responsibility quickly due to the fact their teenage instincts turn into parental instincts. Observed, there are multiple shows that glamourizes teenage pregnancy such as ‘Teen Moms’ and ’16 and pregnant.’ One can see these shows as something positive, whereas someone else might view these shows as painting becoming pregnant as a teen acceptable.

Letting pregnancy stop what is going on around oneself is a personal decision. It is also a decision to let one notorious mistake turn into a lifetime challenge. Most teen mothers are faced with different challenges, struggles, and experiences. Therefore, it would be judgmentally wrong to compare all teen mothers to each other. Although, a teen may find happiness while raising her child, it cannot be equated to her struggles behind it. The obstacles faced with teenage pregnancy are conquerable if the teen mothers are guided in the right direction and take advantage of the beneficial help provided through state programs/organizations.

Most of the humankind will not remember a teen mother by how well she raised her child but by her getting pregnant at an early age. They will take that one mistake made by a teen mother and judge their every move and psychologically use it against them. “Anyone can see a man’s face, but they can’t see his heart,” is a proverb that indirectly declares regardless of how anyone may seem to support one another, does not mean it is done willingly or out of the kindness of their heart.


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