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Last updated: February 24, 2019

In today’s trendy society, personality and values play an essential role in the stability of a company.

Organizational behavior (OB) is about individuals in associations and it covers a wide range of human direct. Everybody is a piece of the association while in the work environment and everyplace else. It is extremely critical to comprehend the foundations of (OB) speculations and approaches to actualize it.

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When we perceive these ideas in true occasions and comprehend that we have options by the way we respond, we can be better in overseeing ourselves as well as other people. Personality makes persons generally steady sentiments, thoughts and behavior. Each and every one has a very unique personality that is totally different from other people and also the family members. By knowing the others people personality it helps to understand personality and get sign how that person is likely to act and feel in different situations. It helps to get knowledge about the personality of different employees; also it helps the people for placing in the company and for personal value. Besides, values are another law to control day by day life. It provides the guidance to our conduct likewise goals and destinations.

It depends without anyone else fulfillment or we can state judgments. It tends to be grounded as inspiration and it comprehends what should be or not to be. The Organization behavior theory which I am going to explain is personality and values. Firstly I clarify the personality and lastly values. (SOURCE: pajaree, 2018)) It refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving like ambitious, loyal, intelligent, shy, and lazy. By seeing the outlook of the people we cannot measure the personality. There are many others measuring factors that can help to sort out.

Myers-Briggs theory is one of the most accurate theory to measure the own personality in different traits. This indicators is helpful in daily life like university, society, workplace and soon. As per Robins and Judge, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most broadly utilized identity evaluation instrument on the planet. It has a 100 inquiry identity test that asks individuals how they typically feel or act specifically circumstances.

Respondents are classified as extroverted or introverted (E or I), Thinking or Feeling (T or F), and Judging or Perceiving (J or P), and (S or I) These Introverted (I). Extraverted Individuals are outgoing, sociable and assertive. Introverts are quiet and shy (Robbins ; Judge, 2013, p. 133). Myers-Briggs Type Indicator theory is applying in my life. I would like to give short of example of MBIT theory in real life. I had a many friends when I was in high school. We almost did everything together like as going for dinner and other many childish activities .

At that time I did not care about personality or maybe I do not know about this. After completion of high school, me and my friends got suggestion from school professor, he said us to attend the personality buildup program it may help in the coming future. Almost 5-7 friends went to the seminar hall near to school.

We had learned many things, which developed the personality and attitude in personal life. Like as achievement orientation, self esteem, self monitoring and risk taking. These things help me up to now and hope to be in future. Now, I am in Japan and studying university and gathering with many international friends and personality buildup training really helps me in the Japan and to identify my own quality and improvement in real life.

Moreover value personality and attitude are linked with each other in organization behavior. All these factors help to make well personality in individual life also value helps to raise individual standard, faith and ideals. Value shapes our personality in organization behavior. Values plays important role to improve personality and equal organization.

I did not learn many things while in my high school after arriving in APU and started learning subject like OB and other management subject and also by seeing other friends and doing group work, it build my thinking ability implement in my real life. We have to determine the important values, what we want to achieve in real life and on the job. Then only we can make carrier which we meet the possible value. Values classified in two terms like Instrumental values and Terminal values. Values play important role to regulate our day to day. I am satisfied with sources of value like family, friends, school, organization and soon. All these are totally important to experience without study any books.

These are the kind of free sources. We have to give totally importance to love, family, friends and organization to satisfy our own necessities. Value is the principles or standards of behavior, one’s judgment of what is important in life SOURCE: pajaree, 2018)). Terminal values are related to the real life. Sometimes life goes up and down and equally we have to manage the life style without changing the personality. I am appreciating with these terms and it will help to grownup maturely.

Moreover we should on give up our own ambitious and being open minded it can be manage easily in the organization. Identity qualities and qualities are two measurements on which individuals vary. Identity is the special, generally stable example of emotions, musings, and conduct that every individual showcases. Others that are especially important for work conduct incorporate self-viability, confidence, social checking, and proactive identity. While identity is a more grounded impact over employment states of mind. A few organizations utilize identity testing to screen out applicants. Organizations utilizing identity tests are encouraged to approve their tests and utilize them to enhance different procedures with more noteworthy legitimacy, for example, trial of psychological capacity.

Organizations should likewise guarantee that a test does not victimize any secured gathering. Qualities express a man’s life objectives; they are like identity attributes in that they are generally steady after some time.


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