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Last updated: April 5, 2019

In today’s society marijuana and alcohol are the most common drugs being used. In the recent years alcohol and marijuana have been prevalent among the other stimulants. While Alcohol is legal and marijuana is illegal doesn’t mean that alcohol is better for your body.

Marijuana and alcohol are gateway drugs (weak) that soon lead to stronger. Most people who overdose on marijuana have no risk of dying from extreme changes in their body. Overdosing on alcohol, a person can die from adhensive amounts of the drug can experience serious changes in their mental state and physical well being. Heavy alcohol usage can result in domestic violence and abuse.

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Being depressed can lead to heavy drinking which causes suicidal thoughts and self harm. Drinking alcohol while on anti-depressants can lead to high blood pressure. Alcohol can damage your liver by excessively drinking mostly every day. Smoking marijuana can lead to weight gain by excessively eating. Marijuana can treat split personality and bipolar disorder, treats migraines, relieves PMS. Weed smoking can give you paranoia, dryness in the mouth, possible memory loss, throat burning and drowsiness.

After a long night of drinking and smoking there’s a low chance that you’ll remember what happened the night before. Alcohol can increase your rate of dementia and anxiety. While drinking alcohol your liver can swell, loss of balance, dizziness, slurred speech. Alcohol and Marijuana share many similarities however many people smoke more marijuana than drinking alcohol. Both can cause severe problems while being pregnant. If you’re on drugs while pregnant it is a high risk that your child could be premature, low weight, small length.

Being addicted to both of these drugs can take a toll on the human body. Severe breathing problems, nausea, sleepiness, difficulty concentrating are the side effects. Driving “high” is considered safer than driving while intoxicated, but it’s still dangerous. Getting into a car accident while under the influence can lead to two or more years in jail. Marijuana has an immediate effect on a person body and lasts for about 3 or 4 hours, Alcohol takes a huge toll on the body if you’ve consumed alot of it in your body.

Eating before you drink alcohol can lower the chance of you vomiting. Marijuana and alcohol have their differences but it’s not a whole lot.


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