Topic: Business

Last updated: March 9, 2019

In today’s business world, many companies were formed. Some of them succeed and became one of the most successful companies, however some remained small. Businesses nowadays have started to develop an ethical policy to clearly state what the employees and customers should expect from businesses (Anupama ; Lavanya Kumari, 2014). There is no doubt that ethical dilemmas will have a huge impact to business operations.

Many examples of ethical dilemmas may include discrimination, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest, product safety, use of organisational resources, etc. Ethical dilemma is defined as “a situation that offers potential benefit or gain and that way also be considered unethical” (Schermerhorn ; Bachrach, 2015, p.50).

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Managers often play an important role in most businesses today as they can help businesses to decide There are many ethical dilemmas that is faced by The main idea of this essay is to analyse the ethical dilemmas and nature of the problem which can impact business’s operation as well as manager’s works. The organisation which is chosen is Uber, a convenient inexpensive and safe taxi service for all consumers. Uber was founded by two entrepreneurs, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in December 2008, and the main headquarters is located in San Francisco, California (Uber Newsroom, 2018). Before the official brand name of Uber was formed, UberCab was launched in San Francisco.


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