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Last updated: February 10, 2019

In today’s business environment it is hard to imagine any organization that does not rely on teamwork. I believe there are very few industries where teamwork might not be considered useful. I think today teams operate different from how teams operated in the past because of technological advances and diversity of people in the workplace. Employees today are trained to be more open-minded.

If you can create a team that can effectively communicate, listen to one another and respect each team member, then such a team will be successful in completing their project. Take any industry, for example hospitality, healthcare or education, etc., a team can accomplish more than one person but only if team members do work together. Therefore, I believe that good teamwork is useful for most of the projects because team environment allows organizations to complete goals faster by utilizing each member’s talents and dividing tasks based on team member’s strengths.

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It allows to solve the problem or reach a goal collectively in a more efficient and productive way and it also promotes accountability and learning between the team members. However, there are might be cases for some projects that require certain creativity (such as fashion design perhaps), where working as a team might be distractive and not helpful. In such instances, teamwork might be too restrictive for the project. Individual working by himself on the project might be more a risk taker and be willing to complete the project at any cost.


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