Topic: Environment

Last updated: February 1, 2019

In this task I am going to discuss the importance of values that reinforce current practice in health and social care with references to selected examples. Care values and the code of practice are designed to try and help service users to feel safer in the environment that they live in and they should also feel valued and respected. Values such as trust and confidence are very important as the service user needs to be able to trust the person that they are communication with/taking help from. If they do not have trust then they will feel depressed and lonely as they cannot talk to anybody for reassurance about things. For instance, an elderly person needs to have trust in its nurse as they are the ones who look after them. This makes a healthy and strong relationship between them. Care workers are also not allowed to abuse, discriminate or neglect or exploit service users or colleagues. By doing this it shows how the service users have respect towards their patient and other colleagues, it also allows privacy which is a basic human right and as the person will not be exposed.

This helps the patient to feel more secure and safe due to them knowing no harm will come their way. Care workers have to respect the patient and ensure no harm occurs. By doing this it ensures that the patient is safe and nothing particularly bad happens. The patients always need constant care as they may do something and hurt themselves. This helps the care worker ensure that the patient is okay at all times and it supports the health and safety regulations.

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For instance, a care worker will have to help the elderly handle their fork and knifes to ensure they don’t cut themselves


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