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Last updated: December 24, 2019

In this section, it would be the final phase for the creation of our digital smart contract that allows resolving the issue of checks frauds in our proposal. The difference between DAPPS and Smart contract, a DAPP is a blockchian enabled website in which the Smart Contract allows it to connect into the blockchain. (Falkman)

Now the truffles successfully pass our first function, then we are going to add another second function to conduct a second test to finalize our truffle project. In the same file approval_contract.js, I am going to continue to add a new function called Deposit. This function what would do is to take the deposit that is going from the first account in the array and pass an object. This object is going to be a message that has the message.sender value to see who sent it and the message.value to see how much are we sending. Now that I got the second function set up, I am going to run a second test on the truffle server and start jumping on the decentralize application DAPP.

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