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Last updated: September 16, 2019

In this research paper the writer is going to attempt to explore Sport development, which describes two departments ‘through development’ and ‘of development.

‘ Sport Development is about ”providing opportunities for individuals and communities to engage and grow in different types of physical activity” (Shilbury, Sotiriadou and Green 2008 p.217-23). The writer is going to discuss in depth about the development of Volleyball with examples of real life programmes that shows their aims, targets and what differentiations there are through the community and elite development of the organisation. It is an important part for individuals who are involved in a sport from adolescents to old, from grass roots to elite. Volleyball is a sport that is played with two teams of six either side of the net. The aim of the game is to try and score a point by grounding a ball on the other teams court. William G. Morgan created the history of volleyball where he invented it in 1895 after the invention of basketball four years before (Athnet get recruited, 2001, para 1).

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Volleyball is a combination of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball. The writer will then conclude by looking at the overall development of Volleyball and through the sport of volleyball. Sport for development refers to the ”improvement of sport and other skills achieved through sport participation” (Sherry, E. Schulenkorf, N. Phillips, P. 2016 para 2 pg. 6). It concentrates on a role that sport can play in contributing factors to specific social effects and the overall community welfare.

It is not a direct focus on the outcome at the end of the game, it is also other factors that are involved such as cultural, psychological, education and or economical which are helped achieve from the sport. Individuals involved in the required outcomes, have much more responsibility, as they have to focus externally on developing partnerships with other organisations with greater skills, experience and qualifications to achieve the goals they desire. Most programmes that are run within sport are usually aimed at sport development, sport for development or a variation of both. They explore a variety of different permutations of programmes that deliver specific outcomes. For example with Volleyball, a combination of both Sport development and sport for development would be the players focusing on skills and tasks to perform better as a team and getting the outcome they desire.

While that is proceeding in the same situation, players sense in having a social interaction with one another and the opposition during the game and after its over, showing sportsmanship. In a sport organisation, funding is very limited to what goes where and how things are distributed amongst everything. Ideally both Sport development and Sport for development will usually be funded and supported to secure because of ”sustained international success for club and country” and ”total involvement of the community in regular physical activity and play” (Sherry, E. Schulenkorf, N.

Phillips, P. 2016 Para 1 pg. 8). These two initiatives are then implemented based on demand for both sport development and sport for developments bargaining from the funding, therefore then depending on how the overall polices are implemented.


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