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Last updated: January 22, 2019

In this record, Lepore attempts to screen out facts from fiction, and Lepore relies on other political, cultural, social, and historical discoveries about the period. Her conclusion is that the conspiracy incident and the defendant’s flawed trial deserve to be restored to history.

In addition, a close observation of this incident helps to understand the persistence of US colonial slavery and racism, and the actual growth, even in the white group, the voice of freedom grows: “Maybe the paradox of freedom, mystery, and slavery It can never be solved. But in this new analysis, the lantern can stick to it,” Lepore said.what happened? According to Horsmanden’s record, in early 1741, shortly after the coldest winter known to the colonial city, Manhattan broke out 10 fires in a short period of time. In the interpretation of this incident, there are rumors that the conspiracy of black slaves working under the leadership of whites determined the fire.

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In her prelude, titled “The Story,” Lepore brings together the story of the origin of the conspiracy recognized by the accused from Horsmanden’s diary.


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