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Last updated: March 14, 2019

In this part of research chapter, researchers examined the background and brief history of the Habib Bank Ltd and especially critically evaluated the aim and objective of the research. In the global market competition among businesses is becoming more and more challenging. Organizations have to survive their business efficiently and at the same time economically to exist in the global market. Managers in an organization are mainly answerable to confirm that the task given to employees at the workplace is completed in an appropriate manner and time scale. To get this, managers must ensure that they have capable staff with personal development training to achieve organizational goals.
Managers in the workplace must ensure to improve organizational performance; employees are motivated and well trained. Consequently, motivation in practice and theory become a problematic issue moving on a number of regulations. Even though a lot of research has been completed in past in the area of motivation and performance, but this subject is not clearly understood and more likely inadequately practiced. On this occasion the best understating come into an idea that how does motivation can impact on employee performance one key factor come into course human nature. Management needs to combine the appropriate motivational tools with dynamic leadership to improve performance of individual employees and achieve the goals.
Management in an organization has not only persevered in the market success and profitability, but also dispute their stability in an international competition. Therefore, organizations require to motivating their employees to make business process successful and profitable. The researcher considered the Habib Bank Ltd of Pakistan to link the relationship between motivational factors on the employee’s performance. The researcher has chosen the Habib Bank Ltd of Pakistan to collect data by survey. The Habib Bank Ltd is a first bank of Pakistan that established by Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jannah during the partition between India and Pakistan. The Habib Bank was the first and only


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