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Last updated: February 12, 2019

In this novel Andy Mulligan uses setting and characterisation to examine the theme poverty. On page 3, Raphael referred to Behala, to support the theme.

“Most people live in boxes, stacked tall and high.” This quote infers that most residence in Behala are really poor that they live in boxes that are stacked up on top of eachother. As you can see and infer they live in bad poverty which they can’t even afford a house in Behala. This quote goes along with the theme of poverty. Once again we can observe the setting in the text the idea of poverty. Another quote in the novel from Raphael on page 4 says “The mountains go right from the docks to the marshes, one whole world od streaming trash.” With this quote we can identify that Behala is not authorized, well built or a wealthy city. Unfortunately this city is extremely poor and full of garbage.

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This means that they don’t have enough money to live in a city with well-built building or houses. Sadly they dont, they live their lives surrounded by trash everyday. Using the examples and quotes in the novel uses characterization to describe the idea of poverty in the novel “Trash.”


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