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Last updated: March 18, 2019

In this globalization, social problems had occurred in every corner of the world including our country, Malaysia. This issue often became the mouthpiece of society in Malaysia. In addition, adolescents from the age of 13 to 20 years old often involved. This is one of the major problems that growing worldwide. We can say that most of the adolescents around the global that facing the same social problems such as drug abuse, alcohol problems, bully, free sex and even suicide. This is due to the influences of the bad cultures from other nations. The youth could not identify and analyze what is good and what is bad. Therefore, I believe that there are three main cause of social problems among youth in Malaysia which are puberty, abortion and influence of the adolescents friends.

It is important to learn about the cause and the effect of social problems among youth in Malaysia. Nowadays, it is our daily morning routine to read a newspaper especially the newspaper are filled with stories and news about the undesirable social problems that involving teenagers. Some of the news is about social ills among the adolescents. In this way, it will draw the attention of the newspaper reader. In the part of that, it will ensure one thing that the readers especially the society to become more alert on what has happen to the teenagers nowadays. First and foremost, puberty problem is one of the reason why there is social problems among the youth.

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There are a bunch of problems that are generally that be faced by adolescents when they became adolescents. These problem popped because of puberty. This puberty bring significant changes to a adolesents, both from mentally and physically. For example, there are several noticeable changes in adolescents physique including the growth of acne and change in body figure. While adolescents mental increased the awareness of the gender and became more self-conscious. Andrew (2010) mentioned that “in some cases, teenagers face depression and even suicide due to the psychological effect of acne”.The second cause is abortion. Abortion could give a bulk impact on adolescents life such as people may resist of support the decision taken by teens.

Teenage girls should more aware on what they are doing with their body and the life present inside them. Intan Irwansyah (2012) stressed that “teen abortion may lead to breast cancer. This can also lead to depression, pelvic inflammatory disease and viral hepatitis”. In addition, the other impact of abortion is they may feel guilty of the choice they made as it is final and cannot be undone. The third cause of social problems among the youth is by the influence of the adolescents friends or known as peer pressure. Most of the time, friends are often provide benefits, moral support and even help when we need them.

But sometimes, the crunch of peer pressure began tu kick in. Therefore, peer pressure can be defined as the influence levied by one peer group in encouraging a person to her or his values, attitudes or behavior in that order to adhering to the group norms. Andrew (2010) said that “this often leads to teenagers getting involved in negative activities due to the influence of their friends such as robbery, smoking, committing in acts of vandalism, et cetera”.In a nutshell, the explanation in this essay affirms that the cause of why there is a social problems among youth in Malaysia such as puberty, abortion and influence of the adolescents friends.

The teenagers should be more smart in leading their lives in the cruel world. If these adolescents are not monitored from the earlier age, it will definitely cause massive problems to our future generations.


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