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Last updated: April 14, 2019

In this essay we will be conversing about the novel Rifleman Dodd. It is a remarkable story of one man, Mathew Dodd’s, dedication and courage to serve his country and carry out his duties and overcoming astonishing odds. Throughout this essay you will be learning about all the hardships this soldier over came after he was separated from his brethren while at the brink of the Napoleonic wars in the 1800’s. The authors mission or purpose of this story is not only focused on what happens to him under those austere and challenging circumstance, but it is more so focused on discussing how he over comes the devastation and challenges of war with a selfless, single-minded focus on his mission and returning to his regiment.
Some of the grueling circumstances he had to overcome starvation, fatigue and lack of shelter. Firefights and starvation weren’t easy on Dodd, fatigue was also having a hand in on it. This affect makes it hard on others health and ability to function, but while Dodd had one thing set in mind he was able to look past himself and still continue in the fight. He showed this in many different ways and tactics in his advantage to help push around the fatigue stage. Once was said by another soldier that Dodd would sleep with his back up against something, still having his pack on his back and his rifle in his hand just in case he need to jump right back into the fight to help save himself or his fellow comrades.
Sergeant Godinot, is plays a major part in the book. He plays the main antagonist of the book. During the beginning battle, Dodd and Godinot are practically eye to eye during the battle. Godinot and his squad are the ones who separated Dodd away from the retreating English forces and diverted him into French territory. Throughout this book Dodd uses what we know now to be guerilla warfare and attacks Godinot and his squad multiple times, and slowly tears them apart one by one and vanishes into the countryside like he was never there. Although Dodd was only a rifleman it shows that even as foot soldiers, troops, or the lower ranks can still provide extreme leadership skills. Despite the fact that throughout the novel, he ventured alone; he managed to create allies and find companions that were willing to follow his orders and directions. Giving not only help but assistance to return to his regiment and was probably one of the reason why the French ended up in a retreat.


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