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Last updated: December 7, 2019

In this big population, smoking cigarette is a huge problem among teenagers. From my knowledge, smoking kills more than 20,000 people per year in Malaysia. There are so many awareness that given by our society, government, and school but we don’t bother this at all.

Essentially, this habit is starting from school students. People are pretending that smoking is pertinent in their life. Cigarettes contains many toxic substances such as nicotine, lead and more.

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People who are addicted with smoking cannot live without it. There are several causes of smoking which are the power of role model, media and curiosity.Firstly, the causes of smoking is the power of role model. There are many types of people surrounded by us. This smoking habit mostly teach by parents and society..

In this case, if someone’s role model is smoker they also follow them to smoke. The main dominant role for cause of smoking is parents. Whenever parents started to smoke in front of their children’s, it may leads to give up the relationship with them. According to Christensen SA (2008), said that increasing of many teenagers smoke because of their parents are smokers nowadays.Secondly, the causes of smoking is feel good syndrome.

In this busy life, people are easily stress because of their works and problems. This can cause hypertension by this, they carry out some activities to release the tension. Statistics prove that, cigarettes will reduce stress. In a cigarettes contain nicotine which is toxic material will make you high. According to Stevenson J (2008) said that nicotine is one of the primary component in cigarettes which are poison and as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Last but not least the causes of smoking are the media. Teenagers nowadays know that smoking is injurious to health but they don’t care about that and they wanted to smoke to feel good and cool among the other teenagers.

A massive cause of smoking among teenagers is the media. Majority of ads on television or computer there is so many ads about smoking. Not only in ads, movies that teenagers watch in television or theatre also contain smoking scenes. Most in the movie they show actor who smoked they looking hot, smart and rich. Although, there is an awareness sign that shows in movies but teenagers do not care about this serious warning. According to American Academy of Pediatrics, (2009) highlighted that most of the tobacco and e-cigarettes company spend a large amount of money to advertising their product in the television ad, video games, and other types of media.

So, from this, we can conclude, the company such as tobacco and e-cigarettes are aim to selling their products and teenagers must determine which is good and bad for us.In conclusion, causes of smoking which are the power of role model, media and curiosity. Smoking cigarette is injurious to health. Every human being in this world knows about the cigar’s cause which relates the power of role model, media and curiosity. There are some ways to avoid this problem such as government should implement a campaign of smoking is injurious to health. The contact information for smoker if they continue smoking their generation will demolished.

In my opinion, the smokers should foresee and avoid this smoking habit.


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