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Last updated: April 17, 2019

In this assignment I aim to analyse the link between conflicts and the reasons for rising terrorism, this will then lead into looking at the impact of conflict on UK and international public service organisations, along with the roles of them organisations in recent conflicts.

When analysing conflict we as outsiders only see one side of the problem, we see the results, the distress and despair as a result of the atrocities that occur. There are many ideologies in this world as we are all free in our minds to have our own views and stands in this world. As we all know, we have not yet reached world peace yet and this is the goal called ‘agenda 2030’ (REF) under the sustainable development plan the United Nations (UN) want to eradicate of hunger and poverty in order to establish a more firm and equal society globally. There are three main ideologies that began to become more prevalent in Europe around the 1800’s. These changes had a huge impact on how people thought about the world around them, stemming from world issues such as industrialization, the French revolution which changed the way we viewed the world. Liberalism is based on the idea that individual freedom leads to prosperity ‘It developed in opposition to control of government and society by aristocracy, absolute monarchy and the church.’ (REF).

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Nationalism is the belief that individuals should act within the interests of their own cultural group. But even then that can be a cause for conflict because many cultures bind with other cultures therefore we link it to race, ethnicity and nationality. Therefore this leads to confusion and segregation which of course leads to more conflict.

I do not believe that having this viewpoint is a terrible thing, but I do believe it can impact our relationship with other countries. Therefore, causing a nation to become self-obsessed, selfish and prideful which will always lead to conflict with others.Currently the United States (US) have a Nationalist president Donald Trump and believes he is the best in the world which causes other nations such as North Korea to become a threat. This attitude makes the US become so dominant that they force a number of violent conflicts in order to obtain land and resources like diamonds, crude oil, and other important minerals that their land cannot create. Because these resources are unmovable, to get access to them one party has to take complete dominion of the area before they can extract the resources located. Consequently, “Sierra Leone, Congo, Liberia, and Angola have all experienced horrific civil wars in recent decades, and a major factor in those wars has been over diamonds”.(REF) Unfortunately this led to serious horrific conflict “The war between 1991 and 1999 claimed over 75,000 lives, caused 500,000 Sierra Leoneans to become refugees, and displaced half of the countries 4.

5 million people”. This is one example of the atrocities that ideologies can cause.Current very active religious group in the middle east are a group of ever expanding of fundamental and extremist Muslims called the Islamic State, (IS) also known as ISIS. They have the extremist fundamentalist world view that their interpretation of the Islamic religion is the correct one, and that they must Anyone who disagrees with their teachings and views of ISIS, are regarded as an Infidels and violence and punishment is often the reward for such beliefs. Furthermore, the Oxford dictionary defines an infidel as ‘A person who has no religion or whose religion is not that of the majority.'(REF) Therefore, conflict is very high in Syria because anyone who does not believe what they believe is committing a crime. Syria is diverse with many different ethical and religious cultures, but is mainly 74 percent Sunni Muslimand 13 percent ‘Alawites, Ismailis, and Shia’ (REF) Along with 10 percent low-key Christian groups.

The civil war in Syria is mainly religious, Isis, Sunnis, and Shia Muslims all have the mindset of ‘ You will follow our version of Islam’. The middle east are having a profound impact on UK public services as we are playing a lead role in the global collation against Isis along with 74 other partners. They aim to prevent the movement of foreign fighters by infiltrating and establishing certain areas, which paralyses their movement. Any kind of war and conflict impacts heavily on the Uniformed Public services (UPS) specifically the armed forces as they are the first ones to try and bring peace.

Not all conflicts are fought on the battleground, but are either political arguments or literal gun fights.The British forces have been involved with many conflicts “British forces became involved in Afghanistan soon after the 9/11 terror attacks in the US in 2001. Few expected it to last this long.”


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