In this assignment, I am going to analysis Young Adult novel which is Grace by Garbala Boswell. I will first define what is Young Adult literature. Young Adult literature is a fiction that is written by someone who has the age range of 12 to 18, the genre is specifically targeted the young adults. Most of the time the teen is a protagonist. ”The term ”Young Adult” was constructed by the young adult library service association during the 1960s to represent the 12-18 age range” (Strickland,2015). Most of the genre focuses on the serious issues that young adult people face during their adolescent. During the year 1980 fiction started growing genres like horror, series (Strickland, 2015). Young Adult literature is often written during the young adult goes through a rough pitch in life like the one that I am going to discuss when the protagonist like the one I am going to discuss when she found herself in the middle of the fight of her mother and father. Young adult is written so that young adult can relate. Most of the young adult is narrated from a point of view that is first-person which means that they are telling their own story. YA is narrated in the present tense. The young adult literatures they are not actually larger in size compare to the adult literature, the words are actually around 70 000. The pace of the story is actually brisk. ”The are more dialogues that are happening in YAL” (Strickland, 2015).
Young adult literature offers teenagers the opportunity to write about their adolescent stage. Writers of young adult literature write about their current life situation and also write the thing that their impact their life’s negatively. ”This books of YAL devolved in one single problem novels themes are about divorce, drug abuse, violence and family conflicts (Strickland 2015). Young adult writers write out themes that they can relate to. In Grace, the theme is about family conflict and violence. His father is the antagonist who abuse Grace’s mother, his shadow cast by personal trauma. Young adult literature writers write about their personal life’s experiences. Unlike adult literature writers whom writer about social issues or science fiction. Teens are offered to explore their own world by writing anything’s that contradict them in this case Grace has a problem within the family that affect her directly.
YAL is specially created for YAs hoping to give them more mature understanding of self and the world. The young adult literature I think is written so that we can reflect about our life’s how does the past, and current situation affects our future in Grace the protagonist lived his life under the violence and trauma so she took note that what happened to his mother will not repeat itself in his life. her mother was killed by his father, Grace had a boyfriend who was the same as his father, his boyfriend started physically abuse her she learned and mature from his mother experience so she broke up with his boyfriend who abused her.
The stories tend to have a sense of immediacy which means that the pace of the story is brisk, the plot unfolds very well without any contradiction. Grace as the main character which most of the events followed her, from when she was born until his adulthood she can find peace in her life. Nostalgia means something that takes a long period of time. ”Actually, in adult literature, the novel is larger enough to derail an Amtrak train” (Strickland 2005). The mean of this is that the adult literature it takes a long time to read while young adult literature takes less time to read.
The focus of young adult literature is on the individual experiences of the teenager Grace she is the protagonist in this story. Grace grew up in the family that is toxic, which was always not on good terms. Grace found herself in the middle of the fight of her mother and father. The story focus more on Grace as she is the protagonist when she has problems regarding her relationships when her old childhood friend reappears into his life and contradict his relationship and also she has to deal with the fact that his father killed her mother and after all this she was able to come out of all his trauma and mature Grace was able to put his life back on track to normal after all that happened. Young adult stories portray teenager protagonist to search for answers, Grace from his childhood has always been a one that is not good for a child to grow up in Grace, was confront with many battles in life she had to deal with the problem that his father was abusive towards her mother and he was a drunker, she had to deal with his boyfriend that was also abusive and also that his father killed her mother, Grace showed sense of heroines in his battles of life by overcoming them even though it took longer to find answers to his problems.
By complete this assignment I realised that young adult literature is very important to us especially teenagers help us to reflect on our young adulthood. Most of the young adult literature are written when the protagonist goes to rough pitch in life. Young adult literature differs from adult literature. Six characteristics help to dismantle young adult literature so that we are able to understand better what is meant by young adult literature.


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