In the United States before 1965 there were at least 28,985 cases of polio confirmed, and as of today the number of polio cases has been reduced to zero. Thanks to the help of vaccines 16 million people worldwide were saved from succumbing to this disease. Vaccines were created to contain, eradicate, and potentially eliminate any diseases. Yet many parents in the United States do not agree with having their children vaccinated. It’s inhumane to put children in unnecessary risk and have them endure horrific, gruesome disease symptoms brought on from lack of proper vaccination. Many parents who are against vaccination are convinced that vaccines are unnecessary and even harmful to their children. Parents who don’t agree in the importance of vaccines not only endanger their children, but the rest of the community as well. It is because of vaccines that millions of children worldwide are alive from life threatening diseases. Vaccines are capable of aiding children more than harming them against diseases and because of this all children should be vaccinated to help prevent any disease outbreaks.
Children shouldn’t have to run the risk of being exposed to deadly contagious diseases due to lack of vaccination. No child should ever have to suffer the painful symptoms caused by diseases. In the past, polio was one of the most infectious and catastrophic diseases to have ever plagued the world which largely affected children. Polio would spread from child to child and then the children would be affected with irreversible paralysis. The paralysis would next affect children breathing muscles which would then kill them. A frightening fact of polio is that there is no cure for this disease. Even more frightening is that polio is but just one of the hundreds of diseases that are present worldwide. The psychological trauma that is inflicted on infected children is also another reason to vaccinate them. The harm that diseases have on children can be both physical and psychology. Being infected with a life threatening disease is a terrifying, shocking experience that could have consequences on the mental health of children. Fortunately, thanks to vaccines being invented children no longer need to endure through the suffering caused by diseases. That is why it’s hard to believe that there are parents who are unwilling to vaccinate their children and would rather put them in danger of catching any number of diseases. All children should be able to live their daily lives without the fear of getting sick at any moment.
However, there are parents who are reluctant to vaccinate their children because they are confident it isn’t needed and fear vaccines are dangerous to children’s health. The human body fought diseases through its natural immunity before vaccines were invented. It seems pointless to use vaccines if the body can self-heal itself. A worry some parents have is the danger of side effects that can affect children after vaccination. That is one of the disadvantages of vaccines because they are not 100% safe for all children. These side effects can have serious long term consequences to children’s health. The views and concerns parents have of vaccines are exaggerated. Although, it is true humans have a natural immunity sometimes that is not enough to treat deadly diseases. There have been many cases throughout history where plagues have occurred and the human population has been decimated. Natural immunity wasn’t capable of fighting off history’s deadliest plagues so it stands to reason vaccines are needed to fight stronger diseases. It’s also true the issue of side effects developing should not be ignored but it is also important to take into account that the number of cases were that happened were minimal. The numbers favor vaccination because the large majority of children who are vaccinated never develop any health concerning side effects. It’s more beneficial that the majority of children be immune than none of the children due to lack of proper vaccination
It is important that parents who don’t approve of vaccination think not only of the risk being exposed to their children’s health, but that of other children as well. A child who is not properly vaccinated has the potential to infect other people who have also not been vaccinated. Unvaccinated children become a threat to others if they become infected with disease. As a result of the danger the public health can face, vaccine immunization state laws have been implemented from as early as the 19th century where children are required to be vaccinated to attend public schools in the United States. This stays true in the present day to put in effect the concept of herd immunity. Herd immunity states that it is far less likely for a disease outbreak to occur because a large portion of the population that is immune thanks to vaccination. These laws are created to promote a healthy classroom environment where no child should ever pose a danger to his or her classmates nor community. Stopping the spread of diseases through vaccination is key in keeping a healthy community.
In conclusion, it is important to keep vaccinating children for both their protection and the protection of others. Saving the lives of children’s through vaccination is the best way to keep them healthy because the human immune system isn’t enough to ward off diseases. Vaccination is also the best way to keep children from suffering and being traumatized by the various symptoms that diseases can cause. Vaccines can be criticized but the effectiveness rate of vaccines throughout history can’t be argued with. The risk of side effects is real, but it cannot outshine the benefits vaccines have. Promoting the public safety with vaccines and reducing any further outbreaks of diseases is more important than any judgmental viewpoints. To ensure a safe haven for future generations then vaccines are the solution.


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