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Last updated: May 1, 2019

In the present day, Alexander the Great’s Policy of Fusion sparked great controversy as to whether or not his implementation was successful. Some would argue that it was not successful as it instigated many problems for the people under his rule and their opinions on the Policy were different from Alexander’s. While others would argue the opposite, saying that it was a success. The aim of the Policy was to fuse the Greek and Persian cultures together.

Many leaders prior to Alexander had no issue with the replacement of the Persian customs and values with that of the Macedonians, but Alexander’s aim was to fuse them together; make compromises with both nations and create a cohesive partnership between the two.Following the death of his father King Philip II, Alexander became the king of Macedonia at the age of twenty and wanted to create an empire. Thus, he broadened his horizons and began exploring uncharted territories on military expeditions around Northeast Africa and much of Asia. Alexander’s goal was complete, as he had one of the largest empires in the world that covered areas from Greece to Northeast India. While Alexander basked in success, due to these expeditions and campaigns making him the most successful military leaders, he still needed to have a strong and powerful military. Long after Alexander and his eager military embarked on the expedition, his men started “he no longer had a surplus of trained Macedonians to spare; and the farther east he went, the more acute this problem would become.

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