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Last updated: March 2, 2019

In the play Romeo and Juliet, the two star crossed lovers end up killing themselves.

There are many elements that contribute to it, but their were also many ways of avoiding their outcome. Although the question is, who is to blame for this tragic event? Numerous of people blame the parents for having a feud in the first place, or the Friar for letting it get to this point and not stopping it. However, the blame should be put on both Romeo and Juliet. There are 3 good reasons on why it it them to blame.

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They could just have ran away together instead of going ahead and agreeing with this whole crazy plan. Romeo and Juliet has also many chances to do this, and I’m sure that the thought has crossed their minds at least once. It was also such a simple plan, and ultimately Juliet nor Romeo would ever be able to see their family if they had actually succeeded with the crazy plan, so why didn’t Juliet just run away when Romeo was exiled. Paris’s life would have also been spared, he didn’t try to cause any harm, he just tried to protect Juliet’s tomb because he thought Romeo would do something to it.

Also they moved too quick in the relationship. There isn’t a guide or certain days that things are


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