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Last updated: May 4, 2019

In “The Moustache” Mike expresses the theme of love throughout the short story. When Mike goes to visit his grandmother, he does not expect to find out a dark secret about his grandmother’s husband meant to only be between her and her husband.

“The Moustache” suggests that the dark secret was that Meg accused her husband of cheating on her through her despair she thinks Mike is her “long, lost husband” because of his moustache. At the time, she wasn’t positive of her accusation but years later she explains to mike: ” You were whispering, an awful whisper, not wanting to upset little Ellie but wanting to make me see the truth. And I didn’t answer you, Mike. I was too proud.” Meg now realizes years later that she was wrong.

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Mike told the truth and she did not believe him. Mike was upset that his grandmother had mistaken him for his husband. Mike’s moustache is a symbol. His moustache represents how much people love him for who he truly is.

Everybody doesn’t like the moustache but when his grandmother mistaken him for somebody else he realizes that the moustache is not who he truly is.


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