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Last updated: August 23, 2019

In the life of a student, the university can be a unique experience and moment, for being the next step on the road and his future profession.

Each student has a personal preference to live or not live on campus. There are many factors and that is why choosing where you are going to live is so difficult. The university bring opportunities, open doors and give to the students a lifestyle with social opportunities or to maintain the tranquility of living close to home and with economic stability.There are many opinions on where it is better to live, whether at home or on campus, many teenagers living in their own home creates a feeling of love and security. So, it allows you to feel better mentally. For example: If you feel bad at some point, you can talk to your family, spend time with them and share moments. In contrast, When you are far from home you will surely need tips to feel and be better. But, if you don’t recive help from another persona Will have a difficult situations.

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Second, When students decide to make a decision, freedom and independence is a key part of leaving their homes and taking their lives on course. In some families, the decision and the rules are made by the parents and as long as you live there you must obey and respect everything they say. This is part of what they want to teach you.

For example: Fix the bed when you get up, wash the dishes and arrive on time when you go out with your friends.


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