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In the film Matilda directed by by Danny DeVito we are let into the lives of a family called the wormwoods . Right off the bat you can see that Mr. and Mrs.

Wormwood show they use uninvolved and Authorization parenting . Being uninvolved is being non controlling and not demanding but also not caring about the Childs opinion and non aware of there child’s activities. ( Gilbert, 2008; Macionis, 2009) Authorization parenting is when the parents is strict controlling and demanding and values discipline and respect for authority and tradtion.

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( Gilbert, 2008; Macionis, 2009)An example in the film is where Mr. And Mrs Wormwood first left the the hospital and putting new born Matilda in the trunk as if she was nothing. They show little interest even as time goes on when she is then four years old she is left home alone everyday for hours and hours and told if she’s hungry to use the stove to warm up food in a can that is left out for her. This kind of parenting in my opinion can have some negative effects on her she may grow up not being able to feel connected to her parents and with such little social interaction can cause difficulty with social skills. It however only has one good factor out of this kind of approach is they grow up faster and learn that they do not alway need to be praised and do not get as much pressure to be held at a unobtainable standard as some children often feel.Later on you see how she is disconnected and her parents pay little attention to her needs when her mother tells her she ” I wishes you were more like me” and with in the same conversation she doesn’t even know how old Matilda is and they missed her school registration.

By then she shows us how she’s grown up fast and learned to do thing on her own she is able to make her self breakfast and taught herself how to read while taking her self to the library . After being allowed to go to school we see examples of how Mr. Wormwood is authoritative when Matilda is reading a book form school and her family is eating dinner and her father tells her to put the book down and watch the television. When she doesn’t listen he gets up throws her book and grabs her head and makes her watch the television show. In this seance you see how she is be coming content in her own little work not to connected to her family and there interests .

Toward the end of the Movie Matilda Matilda gains a new parental figure her loving teacher Mrs. Hunny. Mrs. Hunny Authoritative . Authoritative parenting is controlling let flexible and warm along with rational.

She shows good examples by not only taking Matilda in but making her part of her family. Matilda finally feels a connection because she has a love for leaning just like Miss hunny in the last scene she is in bed and is told to go to sleep but ask to read a be time story although told what to do miss hunny still allows her to read a story but still being in control and telling her only one. She shows us she is incharge but flexible and values Matilda and her needs.She also moved to a new Home you can consider miss hunny to be middle class she owns a big home giving Matilda more space and more places to explore alight still attending the same school the school improves and gets more school materiel to help the children lean. Showing a positive change in the community. But also In my opinion the Wormwoods could be considered a lower class family.

Because even though her dad has his own business he also sells broken cars and buys stolen parts and re sells them. There is also the way they don’t consider is possible for Matilda to go to college for her mother nor father attended college. They laugh at the idea of college and feel that its irrelevant for success. Also in low income families that sometimes punishments are often evoked for example Mr. Wormwood says ” I’m big your little so you listen to me” then proceeds to tell her what to do.

You also see the school she is sent to its a very old building and the school desks and chairs are old. Its a good example of showing the community she is in and how that can effect her life. Lower income communities effect children because they might not get the same opportunities as shows in a higher income who have access to more materiel.Further more the film shows Matilda is a bright young girl born not a not so bright family(Matilda ,movie) She goes from a none caring parents to one loving parent with a whole different parenting style. That shows a positive effect on he behavior also going a new home where she can thrive.

She is happy and dancing with miss hunny they are like friends. So you can say that Different parents styles can effect children in a negative and positive way. Matilda goes from being unconnected to her parents and and having to be self reliant to going to doing everything with miss hunny and feeling loved and having things in common that they could do together.

She is seen as a happier child . In conclusion Every parenting style has a cause and effect its up to the parents to decide what kind of parents they want to be to there children. But they must know the pros and cons it can have on there child and Matilda is a good example that shows various forms of parenting styles and the effects it can have on a child. And all the pros and cons that come along with it as well and the community and environment there children are in.


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